June 10, 1841, Norridgewock, Maine.

May 22, 1918, Boston, Massachusetts.

Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Minot was the son of Joseph Lambert Savage and Ann Swett Stinson, and husband of Ella Dodge.

  1. Be Thankful for the Star That Rose
  2. Be Thankful to God, All Ye Saints
  3. Bells of Heaven Are Ringing, The
  4. Born at Last! The Great Messiah
  5. Cattle on a Thousand Hills, The
  6. Children of Heroic Fathers
  7. Comrades, Hark! The Air About Us
  8. Dost Thou Hear the Bugle Sounding?
  9. Father, by Whatsoever Light
  10. Father, We Would Not Dare to Change
  11. God of the Glorious Summer Hours
  12. God That to the Fathers, The
  13. Goodbye to the Old Year
  14. Good-Night, We Say at Parting
  15. Heavens Cannot Contain Thee, Lord, The
  16. Here on This Little World
  17. How Shall Come Thy Kingdom Holy?
  18. I Breathe the Fiery Furnace Breath
  19. In the Horror of the Darkness
  20. In the Old Time, Runs the Story
  21. Learners Are We All at School
  22. Let the Heavens Break Forth in Singing!
  23. Like Travelers That Stray
  24. Lowering Sky with Heavy Clouds, A
  25. Misfortune’s Hand Hangs o’er Me
  26. New Blessings Every Morning
  27. No Evil Shall Befall Thee
  28. No Power on Earth Shall Sever
  29. Not So Fearful, Doubting Pilgrim
  30. Now, as the Parting Hour Is Nigh
  31. O Church of Our Ideal
  32. O God, the Stars of Splendor
  33. O God, Whose Law Is in the Sky
  34. O Love, with Thy Sweet Chains
  35. O Shepherds, Shepherds, Did You Hear?
  36. O Star of Truth, Down-Shining
  37. O Why Are Darkness and Thick Clouds
  38. One Life Thrilled the Stardust Through, The
  39. Only Through Judean Voices
  40. Our Fathers’ God
  41. Seek Not Afar for Beauty
  42. Shadows Fall So Gently, The
  43. Standing upon the Mountain Top
  44. Teach Us, Father, How to Find Thee
  45. There Is a Mother’s Voice of Love
  46. Up the Pathway of the Ages
  47. Upon One Land Alone
  48. Very Blossoms of Our Life, The
  49. We Remember Thee, O Brave Ones
  50. We’ll Sing Our Loving Trust in God
  51. What Is That Goal of Human Hope?
  52. What Purpose Burns Within Our Hearts?
  53. When on Some Strain of Music
  54. When the Burdens on Us Press
  55. When the Gladsome Day Declineth
  56. Who Is He Fit to Teach and Guide?
  57. Whoever Would Win