Mrs. W. W. Savage

February 7, 1856.

February 23, 1925.

Sugar Grove Cemetery, Wilmington, Ohio.

Fronia was the wife of judge William W. Savage (1850–1903). She was living in Wilmington, Ohio, at least as early as 1893.

  1. Able and Willing to Save
  2. Call the Reapers
  3. Bless the Lord, O Soul Within Me
  4. I Will Follow Thee
  5. Little Crusaders
  6. Little Soldiers of the Cross
  7. Marching to the Land Above
  8. Stay Near to Me
  9. Watching and Waiting
  10. We Are Soldiers of the Cross
  11. We’re a Band of Happy Children
  12. Worthy, Worthy, Worthy Is the Lamb