1845, Hornell, New York.

1919, Pasadena, California.

Mountain View Cemetery, Altadena, California.

Santee spent his childhood in New York, and moved to Illinois around 1863. He attended Tremont College, and taught for a time after graduation. Around 1868, he married Alice Merritt. A member of the Seventh Day Adventist denomination, Santee was ordained by James White in 1876, and pastored in Kansas, and in Chicago, Illlinois.

  1. Before the Throne of God Above
  2. Brother Pilgrim, Be Not Weary
  3. Garden of God
  4. If We Bear the Cross of Jesus
  5. Judgment, The
  6. My Soul Was as One in the Darkness
  7. Silent the Feet of the Years
  8. Soon Shall Dawn a Glorious Morning
  9. There Is Joy in Those Mansions of Splendor
  10. There’s a City of Beauty and Splendor Sublime
  11. Waiting Till Jesus Shall Call You No More
  12. We Need Thy Spirit’s Mighty Power
  13. What Will You Do When Eternity Dawns?
  14. When the King Shall Claim His Own