May 18, 1901, near Jonesboro, Arkansas.

January 17, 1992, Memphis, Tennessee (struck by a car while crossing the street to go to church).

Memorial Park Cemetery, Memphis, Tennessee.

Vana R. Raye (adapted from his wife’s name).

Lloyd was the son of James Porter Sanderson and Lucy Ann Hunt, and husband of Rena Ray Woodring. In addition to preaching, he edited hymnals for the Gospel Advocate Company in Nashville, Tennessee.

  1. Be with Me, Lord
  2. Bring Christ Your Broken Life
  3. Buried with Christ
  4. Church of God, The
  5. Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining
  6. He Loves Me
  7. Lord Has Been Mindful of Me, The
  8. My Idle Words
  9. Pray All the Time
  10. Take Me Home, Father
  11. Where Livest Thou?
  12. Why Did the Savior Heaven Leave?
  1. Blessed Be His Name