July 11, 1635, Naumburg, Saxony.

September 8 or 18, 1699, Wolfenbüttel, Germany.

Son of Andreas Sacer, senior Burgermeister of Naumburg, Gottfried entered the University of Jena in 1653, studying law there four years. He then worked two years as secretary to Geheimrath von Platen in Berlin, then as a tutor—first to a son of the Swedish Regierunsrath von Pohlen, then to the sons of the Saxon Landhauptmann von Bünau. In 1665, he entered military service under Herr von Mollison, commandant at Lüneberg, at first as regimental secretary, and afterwards as ensign. Soon of tiring of the military, he went to Kiel in 1667 in order to graduate LLD, but before doing so toured Holland and Denmark with some young noblemen from Holstein. In 1670, he settled down as advocate at the appeal and chancery courts in Brunswick (graduating LLD at Kiel in 1671). In 1683, he moved to Wolfenbüttel as Kammer-und-Amts-Advocat, receiving the title of Kammer-Consulent in 1690.

  1. Durch Trauern und durch Plagen
    • Through Many Changeful Morrows
  2. Gott, der du aller Himmel Heer
  3. Gott fähret auf den Himmel
  4. Lass mich nicht in Irrthum fallen
  5. O dass ich könnte Thränen gnug vergiessen
  6. So hab’ ich obgesieget