Ju­ly 11, 1635, Naum­burg, Sax­ony.

Sep­tem­ber 8 or 18, 1699, Wolf­en­büt­tel, Ger­ma­ny.

Gottfried was the son of An­dre­as Sa­cer, sen­ior Bur­ger­meis­ter of Naum­burg.

He en­tered the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Je­na in 1653, stu­dy­ing law there four years.

He then worked two years as sec­re­ta­ry to Ge­heim­rath von Pla­ten in Ber­lin, then as a tu­tor: First to a son of Swe­dish Re­gier­uns­rath von Poh­len, then to the sons of Sax­on Land­haupt­mann von Bü­nau.

In 1665, he entered mil­i­tary ser­vice un­der Herr von Mol­lis­on, com­man­dant at Lü­ne­berg, at first as re­gi­ment­al sec­re­ta­ry, and af­ter­wards as en­sign.

Tir­ing of the mil­i­ta­ry, he went to Kiel in 1667 get his LLD de­gree, but be­fore do­ing so toured Hol­land and Den­mark with some young no­ble­men from Hol­stein.

In 1670, he settled down as ad­vo­cate at the ap­peal and chan­ce­ry courts in Braun­schweig (gra­dua­ting LLD at Kiel in 1671).

In 1683, he moved to Wolf­en­büt­tel as Kam­mer-und-Amts-Ad­vo­cat, re­ceiv­ing the title of Kam­mer-Con­su­lent in 1690.

  1. Durch Trau­ern und durch Pla­gen
    • Through Many Change­ful Mor­rows
  2. Gott, der du aller Him­mel Heer
  3. Gott fähret auf den Him­mel
  4. Lass mich nicht in Irrthum fallen
  5. O dass ich könnte Thränen gnug vergiessen
  6. So hab’ ich obgesieget