June 11, 1840, Wem, Shropshire, England.

October 7, 1875, Hartford, Connecticut, at the home of Harriet Beecher Stowe.

General Cemetery, Nottingham, England.


A Baptist preacher and temperance speaker, Ryder pastored in Deptford, worked with the British Bible Society (1867-69), and was minister at the Stoney-Street Chapel in Nottingham (1870-75). He established 40 temperance Bands of Hope, and was well-known for his singing and song leading. In the summer of 1875, he traveled to America, hoping for change of health; he was being treated for an arterial aneurysm near his heart. Apparently, he spent most of August and September traveling, including a trip to an Indian mission school in Ontario and a stop at Niagara Falls. He met the Stowes at Twin Mountain House in New Hampshire that August—the Beecher family routinely vacationed there. The Stowes invited Ryder to stay at their home while he visited John G. Gough, a leader of the American Temperance Union. Harriet Stowe discovered Ryder’s body after his death, and wrote to his young widow back in England.

  1. Buried with Christ
  2. O Lord, I Lift My Prayer
    • My Pledge to Keep

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