January 12, 1837, Cadogan Place, Belgravia, London, England.

February 9, 1837, Upper Chelsea Parish, London, England.

October 7, 1907, Edgbaston, Birmingham, England.

Rednal, West Midlands, England.

Ryder’s father was George Dudley Ryder, who in 1836 became Rector of Easton, Hampshire. Henry’s grandfather was the Anglican bishop of Lichfield, Staffordshire.

Ryder’s lifelong connection with John Newman began as a private pupil, when Ryder was about 12 years old. The only interruption was a year at the English College in Rome, and a few months at the Catholic University in Dublin, where Newman was Rector. On December 8, 1856, Ryder became a member of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri in Birmingham. In 1863, He was ordained a Roman Catholic priest. After Newman’s death, he was elected superior of the Oratory, holding that office until his health gave way. He was the last survivor of my dearest brothers of this House, the Priests of the Birmingham Oratory, to whom Newman dedicated his Apologia Pro Vita Sua.

Ryder’s hymns and translations are in his own book, in Orby Shipley’s 1884 Annus Sanctus, and in the 1906 Birmingham Oratory Hymn Book. Ryder’s works include:

  1. Hail, Jesu, Hail!
  2. Thrilling Voice Rings Clear and High, A

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