Andreas Rutström

November 30, 1721, Rutvik, Luleå, Norrbotten, Sweden.

October 27, 1772 Stockholm, Sweden.

Rutström was a private teacher in Stockholm until 1745, when he was ordained and became curate at Storkykan, in Stockholm. Soon he became active in the Moravian circle. In 1756 he received a Doctor of Theology from the University of Greifswald, and two years later he became a rector in the Hedvig Eleonora Congregation in Stockholm. He was banished from Sweden during the political conflicts of the time, and lived for a while in Hamburg, Germany, but in 1770 was allowed to return to Sweden. Then he became an inspector or ombudsman for the national bank’s mint in Tumba. In August 1772 he was arrested and put in prison, where he died. His hymns were gathered in Sions Nya Sånger (Copenhagen, 1778) often called Rutströms Sångbok.

  1. I Lammets död och smärta
  2. Lammets folk och Sions fränder
  3. Jag hvilar nu förnöjd, i ro
  4. Så haf nu, själ, et muntert sinne
  1. Lammets Folk
  2. Min Blodige Konung