March 20, 1806, North­amp­ton, North­amp­ton­shire, Eng­land.

No­vem­ber 18, 1874, Rec­to­ry of South­wick, near Brigh­ton, Eng­land.

Son of Rev­er­end Tho­mas Clout, Ar­thur changed his sur­name to Rus­sell, af­ter an In­de­pen­dent or Con­gre­ga­tion­al min­is­ter known for ed­it­ing the works of Tyn­dale, Frith, Barnes, Dr. John Owe­n, and oth­ers.

Arthur at­tend­ed St. Sav­iour’s School, South­wark, and the Mer­chant Tay­lors’ School in Lon­don. From 1822–24 he was at Man­che­ster Col­lege, York. In 1825 he en­rolled at St. John’s Coll­ege, Cam­bridge, as a si­zar, and in his fresh­man year won the Hul­sean Prize, its sub­ject be­ing In what re­spects the Law is a School­mas­ter to bring men to Christ.

In 1829, Rus­sell was or­dained by Bi­shop Kaye of Lin­coln, and be­came Cur­ate at Great Grans­den, Cam­bridge­shire. In 1830 he be­came Vic­ar of Cax­ton, a post he held un­til 1852. Dur­ing his min­is­try there he pub­lished:

Russell’s first ap­pear­ance as a hymn wri­ter was in the third ed­i­tion of the hymn book pub­lished by his fa­ther (first ed­i­tion, 1813). In 1847, he pub­lished The Chris­tian Life. In 1848, var­i­ous of his own hymns, orig­in­al, and trans­lat­ed from Ger­man, ap­peared in Hymns for Pub­lic Worship (Lon­don: Dal­ton Hos­pi­tal).

  1. Arise, My Soul, Awake and Sing
  2. Behold, My Soul, Thy Sav­ior King
  3. Behold, the World’s Re­deem­ing Light
  4. Christ Is Ris­en
  5. Come, See the Place Where Je­sus Lay
  6. Forgive, O Fa­ther!
  7. Give Praise to God Our King
  8. Great Is the Lord; O Let Us Raise
  9. Hail, O Hail, Our Low­ly King
  10. Hail, O Lord, Our Con­so­la­tion
  11. Heavenly Fa­ther, All Cre­a­tion
  12. Holy Ghost, Who Us Ins­truct­est
  13. Holy Spir­it Giv­en
  14. Hosanna, Bless the Sav­ior’s Name
  15. In the Mount It Shall Be Seen
  16. In the Tomb Be­hold He Lies
  17. Jesu, at Thy In­vi­ta­tion
  18. Jesu! Lord Most Migh­ty
  19. Jesu, Thou Our Pure De­light
  20. Jesu, When I Think on Thee
  21. Jesu, Who for My Trans­gress­ion
  22. Jesu, Lord Most Migh­ty
  23. Lift Thine Eyes Far Hence to Hea­ven
  24. Lo, in ’Mid Hea­ven the An­gel Flies
  25. Lord As­cend­eth Up on High, The
  26. Lord, Be Thou Our Strength in Weak­ness
  27. Lord, My Hope in Thee Abid­eth
  28. Lord un­to My Lord Thus Said, The
  29. Lord, When Our Breath Shall Fail in Death
  30. Lord, Who Hast Formed Me
  31. Morning Star Ap­pear­eth, The
  32. My God, to Thee I Fly
  33. Night of Dark­ness Fast De­clin­eth, The
  34. Night’s Sha­dows Fall­ing
  35. Now Be Thanks and Praise As­cend­ing
  36. Now Be­hold Him Dy­ing
  37. Now, My Soul, Arise
  38. Now to Christ, Our Life and Light
  39. O Glo­ri­ous, O Tri­umph­al Day
  40. O God of Life, Whose Pow­er Be­nign
    • O Father, Un­cre­at­ed Lord
  41. O Head and Lord of All Cre­a­tion
  42. O Je­su, Blest Is He
  43. O Je­sus, We Adore Thee
  44. O Lamb of God, in Mer­cy Hear
  45. O Lord Most Ho­ly!
  46. O Lord, We Sing Thy Great Hu­mil­i­ty
  47. O Sav­ior, on the Hea­ven­ly Throne
  48. O Thou Who ov­er All Dost Reign
  49. Oh the Love That Us Re­deem­èd
  50. Praise and Bless­ing, Lord, Be Giv­en
  51. Praise the Lord, Praise Our King
  52. Promised Star Ap­pear­eth, The
  53. Sing, O Earth and Hea­ven!
  54. Thou Who Hast to Hea­ven As­cend­ed
  55. To Him Who for Our Sins Was Slain
  56. Way to Hea­ven Thou Art, The
  57. We Praise Thee, We Bless Thee
  58. What, My Spirit, Should Op­press Thee
  59. What Though Through De­sert Paths Thou Lead­est?
  60. Whom Shall I, My Re­fuge Ma­king
  61. Whosoe’er in Me Be­liev­eth
  62. Why, O Why Cast Down, My Spir­it?
  63. With Awe Thy Praise We Sin­ners Sing
  64. With Cheer­ful Hope, My Soul, Arise
  65. With the Shep­herds, Ad­o­ra­tion
  66. Ye Hosts That His Com­mands Attend
  67. Your Ad­o­ra­tion, O Earth and Hea­ven
  1. All Is Ful­filled
  2. Christ in the Bands of Death Was Laid
  3. Day Hath Dawned—The Day of Days, The
  4. Ever by My Love Be Own­èd
  5. Good News from Hea­ven the An­gels Bring
  6. Hallow We with Praise the Day
  7. How Vain Was Im­pi­ous Her­od’s Dread
  8. In Thee Alone, O Christ, My Lord
  9. Jerusalem, Thou Ci­ty Built on High!
  10. Jesu! Be Thy Suf­fer­ing Love
  11. Jesu! Life! The Life of Hea­ven
  12. Jesu! Who in Sor­row Dy­ing
  13. Jesus Christ, Our Great Re­deem­er
  14. Lamb Goes Forth: The Sins He Bears, A
  15. Let All To­ge­ther Praise Our God
  16. Lord Ap­pears to Earth Again, The
  17. Lord Jesu! May Thy Grief
  18. Lord Je­sus Christ, Thou Li­ving Bread
  19. Now Sing We, Now Re­joice
  20. O Do Not Against Me, Lord
  21. O Je­su Christ, All Praise to Thee
  22. O Lamb of God Most Ho­ly
  23. O Lord, When My Sins Grieve Me
  24. Only Son from Hea­ven, The
  25. Out of the Deep I Cry to Thee
  26. Praise God up­on His Hea­ven­ly Throne
  27. So, Lord, Thou Go­est Forth to Die
  28. Thou Who Hast Blest My Soul with Rest
  29. Thy Way and All Thy Sor­rows
  30. What Law, Be­lov­èd Je­su
  31. Ye Sons of Men, Oh, Hear­ken

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