March 20, 1806, Northampton, Northamptonshire, England.

November 18, 1874, Rectory of Southwick, near Brighton, England.

Son of Reverend Thomas Clout, Arthur changed his surname to Russell, after an Independent or Congregational minister known for editing the works of Tyndale, Frith, Barnes, Dr. John Owen, and others.

Arthur attended St. Saviour’s School, Southwark, and the Merchant Taylors’ School in London. In 1822–24 he was at Manchester College, York. In 1825 he enrolled at St. John’s College, Cambridge, as a sizar, and in his freshman year won the Hulsean Prize, its subject being In what respects the Law is a Schoolmaster to bring men to Christ.

In 1829, Russell was ordained by Bishop Kaye of Lincoln, and became Curate at Great Gransden, Cambridgeshire. In 1830 he became Vicar of Caxton, a post he held until 1852. During his ministry there he published the following:

Russell’s first appearance as a hymn writer was in the third edition of the hymn book published by his father (first edition, 1813). In 1847, he published The Christian Life. In 1848, various of his own hymns, original, and translated from German, appeared in Hymns for Public Worship (London: Dalton Hospital).

  1. Arise, My Soul, Awake and Sing
  2. Behold, My Soul, Thy Savior King
  3. Behold, the World’s Redeeming Light
  4. Christ Is Risen
  5. Come, See the Place Where Jesus Lay
  6. Forgive, O Father!
  7. Give Praise to God Our King
  8. Great Is the Lord; O Let Us Raise
  9. Hail, O Hail, Our Lowly King
  10. Hail, O Lord, Our Consolation
  11. Heavenly Father, All Creation
  12. Holy Ghost, Who Us Instructest
  13. Holy Spirit Given
  14. Hosanna, Bless the Savior’s Name
  15. In the Mount It Shall Be Seen
  16. In the Tomb Behold He Lies
  17. Jesu, at Thy Invitation
  18. Jesu! Lord Most Mighty
  19. Jesu, Thou Our Pure Delight
  20. Jesu, When I Think on Thee
  21. Jesu, Who for My Transgression
  22. Jesu, Lord Most Mighty
  23. Lift Thine Eyes Far Hence to Heaven
  24. Lo, in ’Mid Heaven the Angel Flies
  25. Lord Ascendeth Up on High, The
  26. Lord, Be Thou Our Strength in Weakness
  27. Lord, My Hope in Thee Abideth
  28. Lord unto My Lord Thus Said, The
  29. Lord, When Our Breath Shall Fail in Death
  30. Lord, Who Hast Formed Me
  31. Morning Star Appeareth, The
  32. My God, to Thee I Fly
  33. Night of Darkness Fast Declineth, The
  34. Night’s Shadows Falling
  35. Now Be Thanks and Praise Ascending
  36. Now Behold Him Dying
  37. Now, My Soul, Arise
  38. Now to Christ, Our Life and Light
  39. O Glorious, O Triumphal Day
  40. O God of Life, Whose Power Benign
    • O Father, Uncreated Lord
  41. O Head and Lord of All Creation
  42. O Jesu, Blest Is He
  43. O Jesus, We Adore Thee
  44. O Lamb of God, in Mercy Hear
  45. O Lord Most Holy!
  46. O Lord, We Sing Thy Great Humility
  47. O Savior, on the Heavenly Throne
  48. O Thou Who Over All Dost Reign
  49. Oh the Love That Us Redeemèd
  50. Praise and Blessing, Lord, Be Given
  51. Praise the Lord, Praise Our King
  52. Promised Star Appeareth, The
  53. Sing, O Earth and Heaven!
  54. Thou Who Hast to Heaven Ascended
  55. To Him Who for Our Sins Was Slain
  56. Way to Heaven Thou Art, The
  57. We Praise Thee, We Bless Thee
  58. What, My Spirit, Should Oppress Thee
  59. What Though Through Desert Paths Thou Leadest?
  60. Whom Shall I, My Refuge Making
  61. Whosoe’er in Me Believeth
  62. Why, O Why Cast Down, My Spirit?
  63. With Awe Thy Praise We Sinners Sing
  64. With Cheerful Hope, My Soul, Arise
  65. With the Shepherds, Adoration
  66. Ye Hosts That His Commands Attend
  67. Your Adoration, O Earth and Heaven, Unite
  1. All Is Fulfilled
  2. Christ in the Bands of Death Was Laid
  3. Day Hath Dawned—The Day of Days, The
  4. Ever by My Love Be Ownèd
  5. Good News from Heaven the Angels Bring
  6. Hallow We with Praise the Day
  7. How Vain Was Impious Herod’s Dread
  8. In Thee Alone, O Christ, My Lord
  9. Jerusalem, Thou City Built on High!
  10. Jesu! Be Thy Suffering Love
  11. Jesu! Life! The Life of Heaven
  12. Jesu! Who in Sorrow Dying
  13. Jesus Christ, Our Great Redeemer
  14. Lamb Goes Forth: The Sins He Bears, A
  15. Let All Together Praise Our God
  16. Lord Appears to Earth Again, The
  17. Lord Jesu! May Thy Grief
  18. Lord Jesus Christ, Thou Living Bread
  19. Now Sing We, Now Rejoice
  20. O Do Not Against Me, Lord
  21. O Jesu Christ, All Praise to Thee
  22. O Lamb of God Most Holy
  23. O Lord, When My Sins Grieve Me
  24. Only Son from Heaven, The
  25. Out of the Deep I Cry to Thee
  26. Praise God upon His Heavenly Throne
  27. So, Lord, Thou Goest Forth to Die
  28. Thou Who Hast Blest My Soul with Rest
  29. Thy Way and All Thy Sorrows
  30. What Law, Belovèd Jesu
  31. Ye Sons of Men, Oh, Hearken

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