Annie Russell

April 21, 1862, Pine Valley, New York.

October 29, 1954, Corning, New York.

Hope Cemetery, Corning, New York.

Russell lived in Corning, New York, where she belonged to the First Methodist Church. She and her sister Cora C. Russell wrote a number of hymns.

  1. All Hail to Children’s Day
  2. Be a Ray of Sunshine
  3. Blessed Homeland
  4. Children’s Day in Sunny June
  5. Choose Thou for Me, O Mighty One
  6. Firmly Stand for the Right
  7. Great World Task, The
  8. Hand That Never Lets Go, The
  9. Heralds of the King
  10. His Grace Is Sufficient for Me
  11. Ho, Everyone That Thirsteth
  12. I Will Arise and Go to My Father
  13. If on the Winning Side You’d Be
  14. If the Shadows of the Evening
  15. If You Think Because We’re Little
  16. I’m Not Alone, for God Is Near
  17. In Youth Give Thy Heart to the Savior
  18. Jesus Loves the Little Children
  19. Keep Singing
  20. Look at the Lamb Without Blemish or Spot
  21. Lord My Tender Shepherd is, The
  22. My Blessed Lord, I Love Him
  23. O’er the Dark Wave of Galilee
  24. Only Dwell Within
  25. Price of a Soul, The
  26. Rise Above the Waves
  27. Slip Away and Talk with Him
  28. So Be We
  29. Some Other Day
  30. Sweet Assurance
  31. Tenderly, Graciously, Jesus Inviteth Thee
  32. Though All Else Should Fail
  33. Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus
  34. You’ll Reap Whatever You Sow

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