January 21, 1870, New York.

July 29, 1957, Pittsburg, Kansas.

Oakwood Cemetery, Baldwin City, Kansas.


Son of a Meth­od­ist minister, Runyan showed an interest in music when very young, and by age 12 often served as church organist.

He became a Meth­od­ist minister at 21, and held various pastorates in Kan­sas, 1891–1903. He was appointed evangelist for the Central Kansas Meth­od­ist Conference, and served for some 20 years.

Runyan wrote his first Gospel song in 1915 and was greatly encouraged by Dan­i­el Tow­ner of the Mo­ody Bible Institute. In 1924, Runyan went to John Brown University, Si­lo­am Springs, Ar­kan­sas, and served as pastor of the Federated Church, and editor of the Chris­tian Workers’ Magazine. Moving to Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois, he was associated with the Moo­dy Bible Institute, and served as editor for Hope Publishing Company until retiring in 1948. He received an honorary Doctor of Letters from Whea­ton College, Il­li­nois, in 1948. His works include:

  1. After the Toil and the Burden
  2. Again He’ll Come
  3. All Will Be Over, Every Grief and Sorrow
  4. Angels Sang at the Savior’s Birth, The
  5. As a Shepherd Good and True
  6. As Night That Flees from the Morning Sun
  7. Before the March of Christ the Mighty
  8. Called by the Grace That Thy Love
  9. Christ Is from the Grave Ascended
  10. Come, Blessed Lord!
  11. Dearer to Me Every Day
  12. Far from the Fold of God
  13. For the Mercy Jesus Will Bestow
  14. Forgiven Greatly, Lord, Am I
  15. Forward Still, with Face Full Forward
  16. From the Hills of Far Judea
  17. From the Sins That Scar
  18. Gates Will Open Wide, the
  19. God Will Not Forget Me
  20. Hail, Blest Redeemer
  21. Hail, King of Glory
  22. Have You Heard of That Wonderful Story?
  23. He Cannot Reject Me
  24. He Has It All, the Struggle Past
  25. He Loves, He Saves, He Keeps
  26. How Still Are the Waters
  27. I Am on the Heavenly Highway
  28. I Am Sure of a Home in Heaven
  29. I Am Yielding All to Thee
  30. I Can See in Visions Fair
  31. I Cannot Understand How God Could Love Me
  32. I Have Jesus in My Heart
  33. I Marvel, O, I Marvel So
  34. I Ne’er Have Known So True a Friend as Jesus
  35. I Sing of a Savior
  36. I Will Do What I Can for My Savior Today
  37. If We Brightly Shine
  38. In Childhood’s Morn of Grimming Glee
  39. In the Hollow of His Hand
  40. In the Midst of the Heavenly Home Land
  41. In the Way Our Fathers Trod
  42. Into the Garden Where Shadows Were Creeping
  43. It Was Night Within My Soul When Jesus
  44. Jesus
  45. Jesus, Name I Love
  46. Jesus Will Keep Me by Power Divine
  47. Just a Little While ere the Last Long Mile
  48. Just as You Are There’s a Welcome for You
  49. King’s Treasures, The
  50. Like a Life Line Flung Over the Raging Sea
  51. Like a Strain of Sweetest Music
  52. Like as a Mother Comforteth
  53. Live for Others While on Earth You Live
  54. Long Time I Wandered
  55. Lord, I Have Shut the Door
  56. Loud from the Mountaintop
  57. Love Not the World, O Christian
  58. Many Are Waiting in Darkness and Sin
  59. Memory Lingers in My Heart, The
  60. Memory Whispers to Me Now
  61. More Precious to Me
  62. Near, Near to Thee, Help Us to Live
  63. O Tell Me More of Jesus’ Love
  64. O the Joy That Here We May Walk with Jesus
  65. Old-Time Blessings
  66. On the Homeward Way
  67. Only a Little While
  68. Our God Hath Given Promise
  69. Our Light Has Grown Dim
  70. Our Lives Are Read by Those Who Look
  71. Peace That Like a River Flows, The
  72. Praise His Holy Name!
  73. Prayer Is the Breath of the Soul’s Deep Life
  74. Proclaim the Glad Tidings
  75. Revive Thy Work, O Lord
  76. Sang the Angels Long Ago
  77. Savior for Me, The
  78. Since Jesus Bore My Weight of Sorrow
  79. Since Jesus Came, My Night Is Turned to Day
  80. Soldiers of Jesus, Clad in God’s Bright Armor
  81. Some Say It Is a Fable
  82. Songs of the World May Be Many, The
  83. Souls Are All About Us, Knowing Not the Lord
  84. Sweet Morning Comes with Light and Dew
  85. Tell It All to Jesus When the Day Goes Wrong
  86. There Is a Fold Where All Secure
  87. They Tell Me There Is One Who Knows My Need
  88. They Were in the Place of Waiting
  89. Though Foes Assail Us on the Field
  90. Though in Life’s Stress Thy Heart Aweary Be
  91. Though My Way Be Swept with Storm
  92. Through Ages Long Swept by the Tempests of Doubt
  93. Thy Kingdom Come, Is the Prayer We Are Taught to Pray
  94. To Thy Temple Holy
  95. Too Long in the Darkness
  96. ’Twas God’s Own Son Who Came to Earth
  97. Up from the Misty Vales They Go
  98. Upon the Sea Where Our Good Ship Sails
  99. Voice of God Is Calling Me, The
  100. Walking with My Blessed Savior Here Below
  101. We Are Treasures of Christ
  102. We Journey, It May Be, Through Tempest and Rain
  103. We Sing About Heaven
  104. We Thank Thee for the Brawny Arm
  105. What a Glorious Day for Me
  106. When Jesus First Came to My Heart to Abide
  107. When, O When Art Thou Coming?
  108. When the Calls of Duty Are Urging On
  109. When the Clouds Over Hanging Have Darkened the Day
  110. Word of God
  111. Wounded for Our Transgressions
  1. Gates Will Open Wide, the
  2. Faithfulness
  3. What God Hath Promised
  4. O Spirit, Come
  5. Processional
  6. Runyan
  7. Sanctuary