February 5, 1804, Jacobstad (now Pietarsaari), Finland.

May 6, 1877, Porvoo (in Swedish, Borgå), Finland.

Porvoo, Finland.

Known as the national poet of Finland, Runeberg was educated at the University of Åbo (Turku), and was a friend of Zacharias Topelius. He also worked for a while as a tutor in Saarijärvi, Finland, and after graduating from the university, moved to Helsinki for a position as university lecturer and council assistant. From 1831-36 he taught at the Helsingfors School. In 1837, he became a classics lecturer at the college of Borgå, founded the Borgå Tidning in 1838, and became rector of the college in 1847. His works include:

  1. Hur ljuvt det är att komma

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