Will Ruebush

June 4, 1873, Singers Glen, Virginia.

October 6, 1957, Elkton, Virginia.

Dayton Cemetery, Dayton, Virginia.

Will was the son of Ephriam Ruebush and Lucilla Virginia Kieffer, and husband of Valley Virginia Shumaker (1882–1944)) and Gladda Elizabeth Evangeline Dyche Bruce (1877–1964).

A vocal music teacher early in his career, he directed an army band in France in World War I, where he was a second lieutenant in the 116th Infantry.

After the war, he led many civilian orchestras and bands, and taught at several schools, including the Shenandoah Conservatory of Music in Dayton, Virginia. He composed many marches, including The Stonewall Brigade March, Shenandoah, and the Alma Mater Song for Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Ruebush spent most of his life in Dayton, Virginia, where he became president of the Ruebush-Kieffer Publishing Company. His works include:

  1. Are You Ever Tempted?
  2. Are You Wandering in Sadness?
  3. As the Days Go Swiftly By
  4. As You Walk the Path of Duty
  5. At the Master’s Feet There Is Rest
  6. At Thy Cross, Dear Lord
  7. Be Sowing the Seed at the Break
  8. Blessed Bible Long Hath Stood, The
  9. Blissful Home That Waits for Me
  10. Boundless Love I’ll Still Be Singing
  11. Cross Goes on Before, The
  12. Deep Within My Heart There Is a Happy Song
  13. Drifting Away to the Haven of Rest
  14. Go Tell the Wonderful Story Today
  15. Go to the Clear Flowing Fountain
  16. Happy, Happy, Happy Are the Songs We Sing
  17. Hark, the March of Countless Thousands
  18. Hark to the Call for Soldiers
  19. Hark, What Music Rings
  20. Have Faith in God, Whatever Your Lot May Be
  21. He Leads Me On, by Paths Unknown
  22. He Rolls the Stone Away
  23. Home at Last, from Darkness of Night
  24. Home Soon the Journey
  25. How Far Must Be That Land, Unseen
  26. How Oft the Winds Begin to Sweep
  27. I Am Building on a Rock, Safely Sheltered
  28. I Am Happy
  29. I Have a Friend Who Came to Seek
  30. I Know, When the Storms Are Sweeping
  31. I Need Thee, Christ My All
  32. I Once Was Sad and Lone
  33. If I Should Wander Far Away
  34. If You Faithfully Serve Your Lord and Giver
  35. In the Hollow of God’s Hand
  36. In the Hour When Worn and Weary
  37. In This Land of Sin and Sorrow
  38. Jesus Came Down from Realms of Light
  39. Lift Your voice in Song
  40. Little While and Then our Weary Feet, A
  41. Lost One, the Savior Is Calling
  42. Make Every Thought Bear a Blessing
  43. March Along, An Army Grand
  44. Neath the Royal Banner of the King Immanuel
  45. No Shadows Yonder
  46. O the Angels Will Be Singing
  47. O the Sweetest Name That the Tongue Can Frame
  48. Often I Am Lonely
  49. O Blest Assurance, Ever Dear
  50. O Let Me Cling to Thee
  51. O Won’t That Be Glory, When Over the Sea
  52. Once Each Day Was Dark and Dreary
  53. Once My Path Was Lonely, I Was Sad and Dreary
  54. Only to Lean on My Lord
  55. Onward and Upward Forever
  56. Onward, Christian Soldiers, Onward for the King
  57. Over the Stars Far Above They Are Waiting
  58. Precious the Promise Jesus Has Given
  59. Scatter Sunshine
  60. Sing, Joyfully Sing, Joyfully Sing
  61. Some Day We’ll Slip Our Moorings
  62. Sowing Seed in the Morning Fair
  63. Strive to Be Scattering Sunshine Each Day
  64. The Lord Is My Shepherd
  65. There Is Pure and Perfect Cleansing
  66. There May Come Doubts, There May Come Fears
  67. There’s a Land of Sweet Rest
  68. There’s a Song in My Heart
  69. There’s a Thought That Ever Cheers Me
  70. To a Glory Land on a Peaceful Strand
  71. To Whom Do You Go When Sea Billows Roll?
  72. Travel the Highways, Go the Lone Byways
  73. ’Twill Not Be Long, O Toiling Throng
  74. Volunteers for Jesus on the Battlefield
  75. We Are Enlisted for the Master
  76. We Are Lambs of Jesus
  77. We Are Marching on to Glory Land
  78. We Are Pilgrims Going Home
  79. We Are Sailing on the Stream of Time
  80. We Sail or We Drift, on Life’s ocean So Wide
  81. We Tell the Glad Story in Joyful Song
  82. What a Happy Meeting
  83. What Are You Writing, Brother?
  84. When Anxious and Burdened You Go
  85. When o’er Life’s Ocean the Boisterous Waves
  86. When Our Loads Are Pressing
  87. When the Singers in Convention
  88. When the Skies Are Hid
  89. When the Storms Beat Fierce on the Sea of Life
  90. When the Storms of Life Assail
  91. Why Should Cares Overtake Me?
  92. With the Cross of Christ Before
  93. Wonderful, Wonderful, Love
  1. With Me Abide

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