Will Ruebush

June 4, 1873, Sing­ers Glen, Vir­gin­ia.

Oc­to­ber 6, 1957, Elk­ton, Vir­gin­ia.

Day­ton Ce­me­te­ry, Day­ton, Virginia.

Will was the son of Eph­ri­am Rue­bush and Lu­cil­la Vir­gin­ia Kieffer. He mar­ried twice, to Val­ley Vir­gin­ia Shu­mak­er (1882–1944) and Glad­da Eliz­a­beth Evan­gel­ine Dyche Bruce (1877–1964).

A vo­cal mu­sic teach­er ear­ly in his ca­reer, he di­rect­ed an ar­my band in France in World War I, where he was a se­cond lieu­ten­ant in the 116th In­fan­try.

After the war, he led ma­ny ci­vil­ian or­ches­tras and bands, and taught at sev­er­al schools, in­clud­ing the She­nan­do­ah Con­ser­va­to­ry of Mu­sic in Day­ton, Vir­gin­ia.

He wrote ma­ny march­es, in­clud­ing The Stone­wall Bri­gade March, Shen­an­doah, and the Al­ma Ma­ter Song for Tu­lane Un­i­ver­si­ty, New Or­le­ans, Lou­i­si­a­na.

Ruebush spent most of his life in Da­yton, Vir­gin­ia, where he be­came pre­si­dent of the Rue­bush-Kief­fer Pub­lish­ing Com­pa­ny.

His works in­clude:

  1. Are You Ev­er Tempt­ed?
  2. Are You Wan­der­ing in Sad­ness?
  3. As the Days Go Swift­ly By
  4. As You Walk the Path of Du­ty
  5. At the Mas­ter’s Feet There Is Rest
  6. At Thy Cross, Dear Lord
  7. Be Sow­ing the Seed at the Break
  8. Blessed Bi­ble Long Hath Stood, The
  9. Blissful Home That Waits for Me
  10. Boundless Love I’ll Still Be Sing­ing
  11. Cross Goes on Be­fore, The
  12. Deep With­in My Heart There Is a Hap­py Song
  13. Drifting Away to the Ha­ven of Rest
  14. Go Tell the Won­der­ful Sto­ry To­day
  15. Go to the Clear Flow­ing Foun­tain
  16. Happy, Hap­py, Hap­py Are the Songs We Sing
  17. Hark, the March of Count­less Thou­sands
  18. Hark to the Call for Sol­diers
  19. Hark, What Mu­sic Rings
  20. Have Faith in God, What­ev­er Your Lot May Be
  21. He Leads Me On, by Paths Un­known
  22. He Rolls the Stone Away
  23. Home at Last, from Dark­ness of Night
  24. Home Soon the Jour­ney
  25. How Far Must Be That Land, Uns­een
  26. How Oft the Winds Be­gin to Sweep
  27. I Am Build­ing on a Rock
  28. I Am Hap­py
  29. I Have a Friend Who Came to Seek
  30. I Know, When the Storms Are Sweep­ing
  31. I Need Thee, Christ My All
  32. I Once Was Sad and Lone
  33. If I Should Wan­der Far Away
  34. If You Faith­ful­ly Serve Your Lord and Giv­er
  35. In the Hol­low of God’s Hand
  36. In the Hour When Worn and Wea­ry
  37. In This Land of Sin and Sor­row
  38. Jesus Came Down from Realms of Light
  39. Lift Your Voice in Song
  40. Little While, and Then Our Wea­ry Feet, A
  41. Lord Is My Shep­herd, The
  42. Lost One, the Sav­ior Is Call­ing
  43. Make Ev­ery Thought Bear a Bless­ing
  44. March Along, an Ar­my Grand
  45. Neath the Roy­al Ban­ner of the King Im­man­u­el
  46. No Sha­dows Yon­der
  47. O the An­gels Will Be Sing­ing
  48. O the Sweet­est Name That the Tongue Can Frame
  49. Often I Am Lone­ly
  50. O Blest As­sur­ance, Ev­er Dear
  51. O Let Me Cling to Thee
  52. O Won’t That Be Glo­ry
  53. Once Each Day Was Dark and Drea­ry
  54. Once My Path Was Lone­ly
  55. Only to Lean on My Lord
  56. Onward and Up­ward For­ev­er
  57. Onward, Chris­tian Sol­diers
  58. Over the Stars Far Above They Are Wait­ing
  59. Precious the Pro­mise Je­sus Has Giv­en
  60. Scatter Sun­shine
  61. Sing, Joy­ful­ly Sing, Joy­ful­ly Sing
  62. Some Day We’ll Slip Our Moor­ings
  63. Sowing Seed in the Morn­ing Fair
  64. Strive to Be Scat­ter­ing Sun­shine Each Day
  65. There Is Pure and Per­fect Cleans­ing
  66. There May Come Doubts
  67. There’s a Land of Sweet Rest
  68. There’s a Song in My Heart
  69. There’s a Thought That Ev­er Cheers Me
  70. To a Glo­ry Land on a Peac­eful Strand
  71. To Whom Do You Go When Sea Bil­lows Roll?
  72. Travel the High­ways, Go the Lone By­ways
  73. ’Twill Not Be Long, O Toil­ing Throng
  74. Volunteers for Je­sus on the Bat­tle­field
  75. We Are En­list­ed for the Mas­ter
  76. We Are Lambs of Je­sus
  77. We Are March­ing on to Glo­ry Land
  78. We Are Pil­grims Go­ing Home
  79. We Are Sail­ing on the Stream of Time
  80. We Sail or We Drift, on Life’s Ocean So Wide
  81. We Tell the Glad Sto­ry in Joy­ful Song
  82. What a Hap­py Meet­ing
  83. What Are You Writ­ing, Bro­ther?
  84. When Anx­ious and Bur­dened You Go
  85. When o’er Life’s Ocean the Bois­ter­ous Waves
  86. When Our Loads Are Press­ing
  87. When the Sing­ers in Con­ven­tion
  88. When the Skies Are Hid
  89. When the Storms Beat Fierce on the Sea of Life
  90. When the Storms of Life As­sail
  91. Why Should Cares Ov­er­take Me?
  92. With the Cross of Christ Be­fore
  93. Wonderful, Won­der­ful, Love
  1. With Me Abide

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