November 20, 1665, Hohen-und Thal-Ebra (near Sondershausen), Thuringia.

May 30, 1746, Battenberg, Hesse-Darmstadt.

At the time of his birth, Rube’s father was pastor at Hohen-und Thal-Ebra. After completing his studies in law, and becoming a licentiate, Rube was appointed judge (Amtmann) at Burg­ge­mün­den (near Alsfeld), and then, about 1704, at Battenberg.

He was a very prolific hymn writer: The Universal Gesang-Buch published in five volumes (Homburg: 1738-44), had 536 titles by Rube. The earliest appeared in Luppius’ Andächtig Singender Christen-Mund (Wesel, 1692), and the Geistreiches Gesang-Buch.

  1. Der am Kreuz ist was ich meine
    • Him on Yonder Cross I Love
    • More Than All the World Beside
  2. Der Herr bricht ein um Mitternacht
  3. Schlaf sanft und wohl! schlaf liebes Kind
    • Sleep Well, My Dear! Sleep Safe and free!