Au­gust 25, 1843, near Red Lion, Ohio.


Rowley attended Oberlin College, then went west, where he held musical conventions in Iowa and Illinois. In 1872, he returned to Ohio, and accepted a position in the Ada Normal School, where, for five years, he taught elocution and vocal music. He became a minister in 1876, and organized at least two churches, and served as pastor of the Wesleyan Me­thod­ist Epis­co­pal Church in Ada, Ohio.

His works in­clude:

  1. Abundantly Full the Grace of Our Lord
  2. Blessed Atonement, So Wide and So Strong
  3. Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna to Our King
  4. How Sweet, Amid Life’s Toil and Care
  5. I Want My Heart Kept True
  6. Jesus Came to Save
  7. Look Away to Calvary’s Mountain
  8. Lord, Give Us Strength
  9. Love of Pentecost We Need, The
  10. My Lord Hath Ransomed Me
  11. My Savior Came Gently, and Whispered to Me
  12. O Come to Me Ye Heavy Laden
  13. O Come to the City, the City of God
  14. O Help Me Dear Savior
  15. O to Be Ready When Death Shall Come
  16. Oh, Victory!
  17. Savior Bids Thee Come, The
  18. Teach Me, O Lord, by Faith Alone
  19. There’s Naught So Precious to My Soul
  20. Trust Him for His Mercy
  21. Victory in Jesus, Victory in His Name
  22. We’re Traveling on Through Beulah Land
  23. With Hands Uplifted, Blessed Lord
  1. Let the Holy Ghost Come in