October 31, 1917, Brighton, England.

October 8, 1982, Nashville, Tennessee.

Routley attended Magdalen College, Oxford (BA 1936) and studied at Mansfield College (where he was tutor and lecturer in church history in 1948). After ordination, he became pastor of the Dartford Congregational Church, and received his Bachelor of Divinity the next year, and his doctorate from Oxford in 1952. In 1970, he was elected president of the Congregational Church of England and Wales. Routley moved to Princeton, New Jersey, in 1975 become a visiting professor and director of music at Princeton Theological Seminary, and Professor of Church Music at Westminster Choir College. Routley’s works include:

  1. All Who Love and Serve Your City
  2. Go Forth for God
  3. New Songs of Celebration Render
  1. Sharpethorne
  2. Varndean
  3. Woodbury