May 8, 1839, Saint-Placide, Quebec, Canada.

June 27, 1920, Quebec, Canada.

Cimetière Notre-Dame-de-Belmont, Quebec, Canada.


Routhier was the son of Charles Routhier and Angélique Lafleur, and husband of Clorinde Mondelet. He is best remembered for writing the original French version of the Canadian national anthem, O Canada.

Routhier studied law at Université Laval. He graduated and was called to the Quebec bar in 1861. He was appointed to the Quebec Superior Court in 1873 (as Chief Justice 1904–06) and Admiralty of the Exchequer Court of Canada (1897–1906).

Routhier was involved in several federal elections as a Conservative candidate, but was never elected. In June 1914, he was one of the three judges appointed to conduct the Commission of Inquiry into the sinking of the British steamship Empress of Ireland, which had resulted in the loss of 1,012 lives.

  1. O Canada