Berthelsdorf Church
Church at Berthelsdorf

May 12, 1688, Lissa, Silesia (now Leszno, Poland).

July 6, 1758, Thommendorf, Germany (now Tomisław, Poland).

In the churchyard (formerly Lutheran, now Catholic), in Tomisław.

Johann was the son of Aegidius Rothe, pastor at Lissa. Johann entered the University of Leipzig in 1708, as a student of theology, graduated MA, then, in 1712, was licensed at Görlitz as a general preacher.

In 1718, Rothe became tutor in the family of Herr von Schweinitz at Lenbe, a few miles south of Görlitz. While there, he frequently preached in neighboring churches. During 1722, Nicholas von Zinzendorf, hearing him preach at Großhennersdorf, was greatly impressed by him; when the pastorate at Berthelsdorf became vacant shortly thereafter in 1722, Zinzendorf gave it to Rothe.

While in Berthelsdorf, Rothe took a great interest in the Moravian community at Herrnhut, which formed part of his parish. But when, in 1737, he had to report to the higher ecclesiastical authorities regarding the doctrinal view of the Moravians, Zinzendorf showed his resentment in various ways, so that Rothe was glad to accept a call to Hermsdorf, near Görlitz. Finally, in 1739, Count von Promnitz appointed Rothe as assistant pastor at Thommendorf, near Bunzlau, where he became chief pastor in 1742.

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