March 8, 1753, Liverpool, England.

June 30, 1831, Liverpool, England.

Roscoe Gardens, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, England.


Though he had little schooling, Roscoe worked for an attorney and subsequently practiced law in Liverpool until 1796. He then turned to his first love, literature. He was a strong anti-slavery advocate, and Member of Parliament from Liverpool in 1807. He contributed eight hymns and the concluding anthem to the Unitarian Selection of Psalms and Hymns for Public and Private Worship, 1818. His works include:

  1. Let Our Loud Song of Praise Arise
  2. Go, Suffering Habitant of Earth
  3. Great God! Beneath Whose Piercing Eye
  4. Thus Said Jesus, Go and Do
  5. What Is the First and Great Command?