March 19, 1865, Springfield, Ohio.

October 7, 1948.

Pine Grove Cemetery, Conway, Massachusetts.

Edward was the son of Edward Warren Root and Mary Tallmadge, and husband of Georgiana Merrill.

He was a graduate of the New York Classical Institute (1883), Yale College (BA 1887), and Yale Divinity School (BD 1890). The 1940 census showed him living in Somerville, Massachusetts. His works include:

An Abandoned Farm

Man has wearied of his task
And withdrawn;
Weeds grow rank and wild thins bask
On the lawn;
By the orchard, gnarled and gray,
House and barns sink to decay;
No blithe sounds of work or play
Greet the dawn.

Nature takes what man has spurned
To her heart;
Like a conqueror returned
Routs man’s art;
Thru his fields deploys her lines,
Regiments of shrubs and vines;
Takes by storm or undermines
Every part.

How she flaunts her victory
This bright day!
Sets where every eye may see
Banners gay!
Purple joepye, asters blue,
Meadow-sweet of creamy hue,
Golden-rod and primrose, too,
Line my way.

So my soul by care and toil
Long oppressed,
Like this farm’s exhausted soil,
Cries for rest.
Nature, take again thy child!
Lying fallow, free and wild;
Let me feel thy rigor mild,
Soothed and blessed.

Edward Tallmadge Root
East Thompson, Connecticut

  1. O Thou Whose Rest Is Evermore, 1926
  2. O Thou Who Workest Hitherto