December 3, 1853, Berwick St. James, Wiltshire, England.

February 15, 1914, Chickerell, Dorset, England.

St. Mary’s Church, Weymouth, Dorset, England.


After several years of farm work, Rolfe moved to London, then Middlesborough, Yorkshire, where he heard William Booth speak. He came to Christ in 1875, and joined the Christian Mission.

In 1879, Rolfe joined the Salvation Army (SA) in North Ormesby, and went on to serve in Manchester; Salisbury; Dudley; Birmingham; Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia (1882-89); New Zealand (1889-92); Brighton; Oxford; Jamaica (1894-1901); and in the Staff Department and Foreign Office of the SA international headquarters (1901-03).

  1. Jesus Came Down My Ransom to Be

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