Julius Roentgen

May 9, 1855, Leipzig, Germany.

Sep­tem­ber 13, 1932, Bilthoven (near Utretcht), Holland.

Be­graaf­plaats Zorgv­lied, Am­ster­dam, Hol­land.


Röntgen was a not­ed per­form­er, com­pos­er, and mu­si­col­o­gist. He con­duct­ed the So­ci­e­ty for the Ad­vance­ment of Mu­si­cal Art (1866–98), taught in Am­ster­dam (1877–1925), helped found the Am­ster­dam Con­ser­va­to­ry in 1884 (di­rect­or, 1914–24), and con­duct­ed the Am­ster­dam Toon­kunst­koor (1886–98). He is known for his sym­pho­nies, con­cer­tos, quin­tets, and so­na­tas.

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