April 3, 1876, Hill County, Texas.

September 17, 1961, Fort Worth, Texas.

Mount Olivet Cemetery, Fort Worth, Texas.


Roe was educated in the public schools and at Decatur College, Decatur, Texas, and joined the Baptist church in 1899. After graduation, he taught literary school for several years. He began the study of music at age 16, and in 1900 attended his first normal, taught by Rufus H. Cornelius. In 1901, he attended a session of Anthony Showalter’s Southern Normal Musical Institute (SNMI) at Childress, Texas; the same year, he attended another session of Cornelius’ normal school and received a diploma. Roe attended the SNMI again in November 1901 in Alvord, Texas, and received another diploma; he took a post-graduate SNMI course in 1902 in Stephenville, Texas. Also in 1901, Roe became a stockholder in the Showalter-Patton Company. He was living in Decatur, Texas, as of 1904. His works include:

  1. His Guiding Hand
  2. Meet Me There