November 7, 1813, Hartford, Connecticut.

May 23, 1883, at his home in Hartford, Connecticut.

Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hartford, Connecticut.

Robins’ parents were Reverend Gurdon & Julia Savage. His brother was Henry Ephraim Robins, president of Colby College, Waterville, Maine (1873–82).

The greater part of Robins’ life was spent in the book trade. During the American civil war, he reached the rank of lieutenant and was a quartermaster in the 16th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry. He was captured during the war, and his imprisonment is said to have shortened his life. After the war, he served as city clerk in Hartford, Connecticut, for five years.

  1. No Night Shall Be in Heaven
  2. There Is a Land Mine Eye Hath Seen
  3. When Thickly Beat the Storms of Life

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