January 23, 1827, Augusta, Georgia.

July 9, 1904, Georgia.

Cave Spring Cemetery, Cave Spring, Georgia.

In 1846 Rivers left Gainesville, Georgia, to attend Yale College (class of 1850). However, he left school in his junior year due to ill health. He moved to Floyd County, Georgia, around 1851. He married Mary Francis Simmons of Cave Spring in 1855, and had seven children with her.

Rivers joined the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, at Gainesville, Georgia, on probation, in 1850, and was received to full membership the next year. He was licensed to exhort in Cave Spring in November 1856, and licensed to preach at Livingston, Georgia, Cave Spring Circuit, in 1857.

Rivers was ordained a deacon at Rome, Georgia, in 1863, and admitted on trial to the Georgia Conference at Macon, Georgia, in 1865. He was ordained an elder at Rome, Georgia, in 1869, and went to a four-decade preaching career. He served in many locations in Georgia, including Cedartown (supply preacher), 1864; Rome Circuit (admitted), 1866; Kingston, 1867; Zebulon, 1868; Jonesboro, 1869; Cave Spring, 1870-71; Forrestville, 1872-73; Washington, 1874; Elberton, 1875; Barnesville, 1876-78; Covington, 1879; West Point, 1880; South Rome, 1881-82; Greenville and Trinity, 1883-86; Winterville, 1887-89; Jefferson, 1890-91; Powder Springs, 1892; Jug Tavern, 1893; Winder, 1894; and Belton and Mission, 1895. He was superannuated in 1895.

  1. Missionary Marseillaise, The
  2. O to Be There
  3. Righteous Marching Home, The
  4. Say, Are Few to Be Saved
  5. See the Christian Army
  6. Sinner, Far from God Astray
  7. Soul Hath a Hope, The
  8. Story of the Cross, The
  9. There’s a Voice That Is Calling the Children Today
  10. Two Ways, The

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