Ap­ril 29, 1751, Ti­ver­ton, De­von­shire, Eng­land.

De­cem­ber 17, 1836, Sur­rey, Eng­land.

Bun­hill Fields, Lon­don, Eng­land.


Rippon attended the Bap­tist College in Bris­tol, Eng­land. In 1775, he became pas­tor of the Cart­er’s Lane Bap­tist Church in Lon­don, where he served over six dec­ades. He al­so ed­ited the Bap­tist An­nu­al Re­gis­ter for 12 years.

In 1787, he pub­lished his fa­mous Se­lec­tion of Hymns from the Best Auth­ors, In­tend­ed to Be an Ap­pen­dix to Dr. Watts’ Psalms and Hymns, which was re­print­ed 27 times, in over 200,000 copies. He was con­sid­ered the fore­most au­thor­i­ty on the hymns of Is­aac Watts.

At age 20, after the death of John Gill, Rip­pon as­sumed Gill’s pas­tor­ate, the Bap­tist meet­ing house in Car­ter Lane, Too­ley Street, a post he held for 63 years. The con­gre­ga­tion moved in 1833 to the New Park Street Cha­pel in Lon­don.

Rippon’s church was lat­er pas­tored by Charles Spur­geon before Spur­geon moved to the Me­tro­pol­i­tan Tab­er­na­cle at Ele­phant and Cas­tle in South­wark. Rippon’s Se­lec­tion was used by the con­gre­gation un­til 1866 when Spur­geon pro­duced an up­date called Our Own Hymn Book, which bor­rowed much from Rip­pon and Watts.

At the time of his death, Rip­pon was work­ing on a book com­mem­o­rat­ing those bur­ied in Lon­don’s Dis­sent­er cem­e­tery, Bun­hill Fields, where he him­self was bur­ied. His other works in­clude:

  1. All Hail the Great Em­man­u­el’s Name
  2. Amid the Splendors of Thy State
  3. And Must I Part with All I Have?
  4. As Showers on Meadows Newly Mown
  5. As When in Silence, Vernal Showers
  6. At Anchor Laid, Remote from Home
  7. Awake Our Drowsy Souls
  8. Come Now, Ye Sinners, Saith the Lord
  9. Come, Thou Soul Transforming Spirit
  10. Dear Lord, Why Should I Doubt Thy Love?
  11. Descend, Holy Spirit
  12. Great God, the Nations of the Earth
  13. How Firm a Foundation
  14. I My Eb­e­ne­zer Raise
  15. Jesus, at Thy Command
  16. Lo! He Cometh! Countless Trumpets
  17. Lord, Shall We Part with Gold?
  18. My Gracious Redeemer I Love
  19. Not unto Us, but Thee Alone
  20. O the Immense, the Amazing Height
  21. O What Stupendous Mercy Shines
  22. See, Gracious God, Before Thy Throne
  23. Thee We Adore, Eternal Word
  24. There’s Joy in Heaven, and Joy on Earth
  25. To Praise the Ever Bounteous Lord
  26. ’Twas by an Order from the Lord
  27. Unto Thine Altar, Lord
  28. When Abram, Full of Sacred Awe
  29. When Will the Happy Trump Proclaim
  30. Where’er the Blustering North Wind Blows
  31. Why Should Our Mourning Thoughts Delight?
  32. Why Should Our Tears in Sorrow Flow?