Ap­ril 29, 1751, Ti­ver­ton, De­von­shire, Eng­land.

De­cem­ber 17, 1836, Sur­rey, Eng­land.

Bun­hill Fields, Lon­don, Eng­land.


Rippon at­tend­ed the Bap­tist College in Bris­tol, Eng­land.

In 1775, he be­came pas­tor of the Cart­er’s Lane Bap­tist Church in Lon­don, where he served ov­er six dec­ades. He al­so ed­ited the Bap­tist An­nu­al Re­gis­ter for 12 years.

In 1787, he pub­lished his fa­mous Se­lect­ion of Hymns from the Best Auth­ors, In­tend­ed to Be an Ap­pen­dix to Dr. Watts’ Psalms and Hymns, which was re­print­ed 27 times, in ov­er 200,000 co­pies. He was con­sid­ered the fore­most au­thor­i­ty on the hymns of Is­aac Watts.

At age 20, af­ter the death of John Gill, Rip­pon as­sumed Gill’s pas­tor­ate, the Bap­tist meet­ing house in Car­ter Lane, Too­ley Street, a post he held 63 years. The con­gre­ga­tion moved in 1833 to the New Park Street Cha­pel in Lon­don.

Rippon’s church was lat­er pas­tored by Charles Spur­geon be­fore Spur­geon moved to the Me­tro­pol­i­tan Tab­er­na­cle at Ele­phant and Cas­tle in South­wark. Rip­pon’s Se­lect­ion was used by the con­gre­gation un­til 1866, when Spur­geon pro­duced an up­date called Our Own Hymn Book, which bor­rowed much from Rip­pon and Watts.

At the time of his death, Rip­pon was work­ing on a book com­mem­o­rat­ing those bur­ied in Lon­don’s Dis­sent­er ce­me­te­ry, Bun­hill Fields, where he him­self was bur­ied.

His oth­er works in­clude:

  1. All Hail the Great Em­man­u­el’s Name
  2. Amid the Splen­dors of Thy State
  3. And Must I Part with All I Have?
  4. As Show­ers on Mea­dows New­ly Mown
  5. As When in Si­lence, Ver­nal Show­ers
  6. At An­chor Laid, Re­mote from Home
  7. Awake Our Drow­sy Souls
  8. Come Now, Ye Sin­ners, Sa­ith the Lord
  9. Come, Thou Soul Trans­form­ing Spir­it
  10. Dear Lord, Why Should I Doubt Thy Love?
  11. Descend, Ho­ly Spir­it
  12. Great God, the Na­tions of the Earth
  13. How Firm a Foun­da­tion
  14. I My Eb­e­ne­zer Raise
  15. Jesus, at Thy Com­mand
  16. Lo! He Com­eth! Count­less Trum­pets
  17. Lord, Shall We Part with Gold?
  18. My Gra­cious Re­deem­er I Love
  19. Not un­to Us, but Thee Alone
  20. O the Im­mense, the Am­az­ing Height
  21. O What Stu­pen­dous Mer­cy Shines
  22. See, Gra­cious God, Be­fore Thy Throne
  23. Thee We Adore, Eter­nal Word
  24. There’s Joy in Hea­ven, and Joy on Earth
  25. To Praise the Ev­er Boun­te­ous Lord
  26. ’Twas by an Or­der from the Lord
  27. Unto Thine Al­tar, Lord
  28. When Abram, Full of Sac­red Awe
  29. When Will the Hap­py Trump Pro­claim
  30. Where’er the Blus­ter­ing North Wind Blows
  31. Why Should Our Mourn­ing Thoughts De­light?
  32. Why Should Our Tears in Sor­row Flow?