Early 20th Century

We have little data on this author. We speculate he might be Reverend Edward Thompson Rinehart (1848–ca. 1898), who is buried in Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky.

  1. Be Ye Holy as Your Savior, Children
  2. Blessed Jesus, Blessed Jesus
  3. Burdened Soul, Come Seek the Savior
  4. Early Dawn, Early Dawn
  5. Going Out with the Fast Ebbing Tide
  6. Haste, Brother, Haste!
  7. Have You Any Room for Jesus?
  8. In Canaan Now
  9. Just Over on the Other Side
  10. On Stormy Seas I Sail My Bark
  11. One by One Are Autumn Leaves
  12. Out with the Life Boat amid the Dark Wave
  13. Redeemed, Redeemed, O Precious Thought
  14. Sea Runs Deep, the Night Is Dark, The
  15. Singing for Jesus All the Day Long
  16. ’Tis a Glorious Church
  17. ’Twas Only a Cup of Cold Water
  18. Watching Through the Night
  19. When the Master Shall Gather His Jewels
  20. Within Thy House, O Lord, This Day
  21. World Is Full of Beauty, The