Circa August 1875, Hackney, London, England.

Erie County, New York.

Rimanoczy was the son of Carl Adolph Friedrich von Rimanoczy and Emily Jane Smith.

A Presbyterian pastor and evangelist, he emigrated to America around 1894, and was living in Fairfield County, Connecticut, by 1900. By 1910, he and his wife Estelle were in Clarence, New York. Copyright records indicate he was in Lancaster, New York, as of 1914.

  1. Bridal Procession, The
  2. Cry for Help from Distant Lands, The
  3. I Know a Lot of Christian Folks
  4. If You Listen, You Will Hear a Voice
  5. I’m Bearing a Message for Jesus
  6. Marriage Supper, The
  7. More I Think of Jesus, The
  8. Nearer
  9. O What Will You Do at the End of Life’s Journey?
  10. On a Rough Wooden Cross
  11. One Day, Without the Taste of Death
  12. We Have a Sympathetic Friend
  13. What Will You Do in Jordan?
  14. When the Busy World About Me