March 4, 1867, DeKalb County, Alabama.

August 7, 1956, Mount Pleasant, Texas.

Concord Cemetery, Omaha, Texas.

Remembered as an author, composer, and teacher, Riddle attended his first singing school in 1881, and soon learned all that was taught by the primary teachers of his native state. He studied a short while with John D. Patton and Rufus H. Cornelius, and attended four session of Anthony J. Showalter’s Southern Normal Musical Institute: Warren, Arkansas (1893); Omaha, Texas (1899 & 1901); and Hereford, Texas (1903), where he received his diploma. He began teaching in 1889, and his first music was published in 1899. He was a member of the Baptist Church, and a stockholder in the Showalter-Patton Company. He had six children with his wife Inor Delia Boozer (1868-1947).

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  2. There’s a Place in the Kingdom for You