April 12, 1835, Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

November 1, 1918, Ottumwa, Iowa.

Ottumwa Cemetery, Ottumwa, Iowa.

Rheem’s parents were George W. and Lydia Updegraff Rheem. He grew up and received his early education in Carlisle, showwing a musical gift at a very early age. At age eight he was singing in the local church choir. At age 21, he went to Boston, Massachusetts, to study music for two years. He then returned to Carlisle, and taught music in the public schools for two years. As of 1895, Rheem was a music dealer in Ottumwa, Iowa.

  1. Let Us Put Our Trust in Jesus
  2. Our Savior Has Gone Over There
  3. Over on the Other Side We’ll Sing
  4. Plenty of Work, for the Master, to Do
  5. Since I’ve Tasted His Love
  1. In the Great Beyond

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