July 16, 1848, Johnsburgh, New York.

October 18, 1916, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Bovina Cemetery, Shiocton, Wisconsin.


Rexford’s family moved to Wisconsin in 1855 and settled in the town of Ellington. He received his early education in the Meager county schools and at Lawrence College, which later awarded him a Bachelor of Literature degree. His literary gifts became evident early in life, and his first verses were published in the New York Ledger when he was 14 years old.

In 1890, Rexford married Harriet Bauman Harsh. He served as town clerk of Bovina, Wisconsin, for many years, and during the first administration of American president Grover Cleveland, he was postmaster of Shiocton, Wisconsin.

Rexford composed many hymns, including ones used by Ira Sankey, Edwin Excell, Charles Gabriel, and Billy Sunday. One of his best known secular works was the poem Silver Threads Among the Gold, which was turned into a song that sold over three million copies (music by Hart Danks).

  1. Again the Sabbath God Has Blest
  2. Again We Meet, This Happy Day
  3. All Along the Way, My Gather
  4. All the Way Rejoicing Should the Christian Go
  5. Although So Poor I Cannot Claim
  6. Another Soldier Fallen
  7. Are You Building Your House on the Sand?
  8. Are You Ever Worn and Weary?
  9. Art Thou Weary with Transgression?
  10. Art Tired and Weary, Pilgrim
  11. As We Journey Along Through the Valley of Life
  12. At Christmas Time the World
  13. Away to the Woods, Away, to the Temple God Has Made
  14. Be Brave, Little Soldiers
  15. Be Thou Our Guide When Dangers Shall Beset Us
  16. Behold That Bloodstained Banner of the King
  17. Behold the Bridegroom Comes ’Twas Said
  18. Behold the Children Gathering
  19. Behold, the Prodigal Comes Home
  20. Bells Are Ringing Clear and Sweet, The
  21. Beyond the Sea, the Jasper Sea
  22. Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy
  23. By and By
  24. By and By, Beyond the River
  25. By and By, O Soft and Low
  26. By and By, the Thought Is Sweet
  27. Calling, Calling, Ever Calling
  28. Christ Is a Shepherd, and We Are His Sheep
  29. Christian Reapers, Lift
  30. Clinging Close to Jesus’ Hand
  31. Closer, Savior, to Thy Side
  32. Come Out, Sings the Lark
  33. Cross of Christ Forever, The
  34. Crown Him, Crown Him with Glory
  35. Crown Him Who Died on Calvary
  36. Dark Is the Night
  37. Day Had Been Dark and Dreary, The
  38. Do You Hear the Summons the Master Makes Today?
  39. Do You Know a Heart That Hungers?
  40. Each Christian Light a Beacon Is
  41. Enemy Is Rallying Fast, the
  42. Faith Casts Its Anchor in Jesus’ Love
  43. Fall in Line, Fall in Line
  44. Far and Wide in Ringing Sound
  45. Far and Wide Over Land and Wave
  46. Father, in Need I Come to Thee, and This Shall Be0
  47. Father, the Tempest Is Raging
  48. Father, the Way Before Me
  49. Gather Up the Sunbeams All Along
  50. Give Me a Faith That Turns to Thee
  51. Gleaning in Time of Harvest
  52. Go Tell the Story of Jesus, That All the World May Hear
  53. God Leadeth Me! the Tho’t Is Sweet!
  54. God Sent to the Wayward a Message
  55. God’s Word Is Full of Promises
  56. Going Home, Going Home, to the Eden Hills
  57. Going Home, Yes, Going Home, O the Words Are Strangely Sweet
  58. Great Is the Harvest and Few
  59. Had I Wings of the Morning
  60. Hark! a Call for Reapers
  61. Hark! Hear the Call That Is Sent Thro’ the Land
  62. Hark, I Hear the Savior Saying
  63. Hark, the Bells of Heaven
  64. Hark, the Tramping of an Army
  65. Hark, the Voice of Many Nations
  66. Harvester, Harvester, Gather Thy Sheaves8
  67. Has the Staff You Leaned on Failed You?
  68. He Reigns in Majesty Supreme
  69. He Saw the Wheat Fields Waiting
  70. Hear the Trumpet Calling, Calling
  71. Heaven Is the Christian’s Fatherland
  72. Here in Thy House, O God, We Meet
  73. Here Many a Friendship Fails Us
  74. Here’s a Hand to the Boy Who Has Courage
  75. Ho, Comrades, Heav’nward Faring
  76. How Many Times, Discouraged?
  77. How You Will Love Him!
  78. I Am Happy, O So Happy
  79. I Ask Not Earthly Treasure
  80. I at Last Have Entered into the Peace
  81. I Cannot See the Way Before
  82. I Do Not Understand God’s Love
  83. I Have Been in City Churches
  84. I Have Had a Glorious Vision5
  85. I Hear a Song, a Song So Sweet6
  86. I Hear a Sound of Singing
  87. I Hear the Angels Cry
  88. I Love to Think of Jesus
  89. I Love to Think of the Beautiful Land
  90. I May Be Poor and Friendless
  91. I Often Wonder, As I Read
  92. I Often Wonder What Will Be
  93. I Read Each Tender Promise
  94. I Read the Dear Old Promise
  95. I Trust It All to God Who Knows
  96. I Was in Utter Bondage
  97. I Wonder If Jesus Remembers
  98. I Would Sing of Jesus’ Love
  99. If Clouds Blot Out the Sunshine
  100. If Hearts, Grown Faint and Weary
  101. If the Path That You Must Tread
  102. If Things Don’t Go to Suit You
  103. If We Grow Weary in the Way
  104. If We Knew About the Trials
  105. If You Find a Heart That’s Hung
  106. If You Know the Mighty Meaning
  107. In a Moment When Ye Know
  108. In Dreams I Hear a Song So Sweet
  109. In Dreams I See the Heavenly Land
  110. In Every Time of Trouble
  111. In Spring the Farmer Sows His Seed
  112. In the Night When Storm and Tempest
  113. In the Pathways We Are Treading
  114. In the Shadow of His Wings
  115. In the Strength of God Go Forth to Win
  116. In Time of Trouble and Grief
  117. Into the Light of God’s Glorious Love
  118. It Will Be a Happy Day
  119. Jesus Has Come to Redeem
  120. Jesus, Lover of My Soul, Sorrow’s Lips
  121. Jesus Loves Me, Blessed Thought
  122. Jesus Loves Me, Even Me
  123. Jesus Loves Us, Jesus Loves Us
  124. Jesus Loves Us, Sing It Gladly
  125. Jesus, Who Loves the Children
  126. Just for Today
  127. Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy, Jesus Has Come to Reign
  128. Keep Striving, the Winners Are Those
  129. Keep Up the Fight, the Battle Must Be Won
  130. Knock, Knock, Knock
  131. Knowing Our Weakness
  132. Land Is Stirred By a Great Commotion, The
  133. Lend a Helping Hand, My Brother
  134. Let Every Voice for Gladness Sing
  135. Let Me Be Something for Jesus
  136. Let Me Do Something for Jesus
  137. Let Us Come Before the Lord
  138. Let Us Scatter Sunshine All Along Life’s Way
  139. Let Us Sing As We Journey Along
  140. Let Your Light Shine Out
  141. Let’s All Be Birds
  142. Let’s Dare and Do for the Pure
  143. Life’s Work Is Before Us
  144. Lift Up Your Hearts in Exultation
  145. List, to the Bells in the Steeples
  146. Listen Heart, Be Still, I Pray
  147. Listen, O Children
  148. Little Hands, Be Busy
  149. Little Sunbeams
  150. Lives Are Fields Wherein We Sow
  151. Lo, a Conquering Army Marching Gainst
  152. Lo! All Ready for the Gathering
  153. Lo! the Banner of the King
  154. Lo the Harvest Is White
  155. Long Had He Wandered Far
  156. Lord of the Lowly
  157. Lord, We Pray Thee, Give
  158. Make Me a Worker for Jesus
  159. Make Thy Dwelling in My Heart, Christ Who Died
  160. March On, March On, the Battle Is at Hand
  161. Marching, Marching Forth to Meet
  162. Marching on to the Land
  163. Master Has Need of Brave Hearts, The
  164. My Heart Cries Out When Weary
  165. My Name Is April, I Have Come
  166. No Day Has Had a Dawning
  167. No Night in Heaven, but Cloudless
  168. No Time for Restng Till Work Is Done
  169. Nothing, Nothing but the Blood of Jesus
  170. O Blessed Jesus,in My Sorrow Calling
  171. O Christ Our Master, We Would Sow
  172. O Christ, Who Died for Sinners
  173. O Could I Sing a Song to Touch
  174. O Do Some Good Deed Every Day
  175. O Friends, As Journeying Onward
  176. O Go and Tell Jesus, My Brother
  177. O Great, O Awful Judgment Day
  178. O Haste, the Night Is Nearing
  179. O It’s Grand to Be a Soldier
  180. O Jesus, I Love Thee
  181. O Land of God
  182. O Let Us Be Endeavorers to Do the Master’s Will
  183. O Love of Christ
  184. O My Father, Rough and Steep
  185. O Ring, Glad Bells
  186. O Savior, Come and Walk with Me
  187. O Sing a Song for May Day
  188. O Sing, Fellow Soldiers
  189. O Sing on Earth, for Up in Heaven
  190. O Sinner, Delay Not
  191. O Speak Kind Words to One and All
  192. O Speak Kind Words, Where’er You Be
  193. O the Cross of Christ, Behold It
  194. O the Golden Sunset Ferry
  195. O Thou Our King, Enthroned in Realms on High
  196. O Thought So Sweet with Comfort
  197. O to Win a Soul for Jesus
  198. O What a King, Behold He Stands
  199. O Where Are You Going
  200. O Why Have You Wandered So Far From the Right Way?
  201. O Wondrous Thought: Christ Died for Me
  202. O Weary with Transgression
  203. O We Are the Reapers
  204. O Where Are the Reapers?
  205. O Whither Are You Going
  206. Of All God’s Tender Promises
  207. Of All the Bible Stories
  208. Oh, City of the Angels!
  209. On Judea’s Starlit Plain
  210. On Leaves of Stone Our God Made Known
  211. Once I Was Lost, and in Darkness Wandered
  212. One of Christ’s Burden Bearers
  213. Only a Little Way Farther
  214. Onward Toward Heaven
  215. Open the Door of Your Heart
  216. Our Praise to Thee, O Father
  217. Outward Bound, to the Land
  218. Over, Over and Over the Call
  219. Over the River, Oh, What Is There?6
  220. Over the River the Hills of the Blest
  221. Over There What Rest Is Waiting
  222. Praise the Lord for All His Loving Kindness
  223. Pray Brother Pray Discouraged Never Grow
  224. Rally Round the Banner of Our Savior King
  225. Rejoice, for the Wanderers Are Coming
  226. Rise Up to Labor, Ye Who Sit
  227. Roads Steep and Stony Our Feet Find to Tread
  228. Rouse Up to Work That Waits for Us
  229. Savior, Bless Me
  230. Say, Little Soldiers, Who Fight for the True
  231. See, the Hill Is Clad in Snow
  232. See the Light, Sailors, the Port Is Not Far
  233. Set a Glad Song Ringing
  234. Shall We Sing in Heaven’s Bright Courts
  235. Sing It, the Love of the Savior
  236. Soldier of Christ, Art Thou Famished
  237. Some Day Earth’s Faithful Ones
  238. Some Earthly Friendships Fail Us
  239. Something for Jesus, O, What Shall It Be
  240. Something’s Going to Happen
  241. Sometime, God Knoweth When
  242. Sometimes a Vision Comes to Me
  243. Sometimes the Mists of Doubt and Sin
  244. Song of Heaven and Homeland, A
  245. Soul From the Kingdom, The
  246. Soul, Is the Conflict Deepening
  247. Soul of the Christian, Be Happy
  248. Sow the Good Seed of the Spirit
  249. Sow the Good Seed of the Spirit God Will Send the Rain
  250. Speak a Little Word for Jesus
  251. Speed Away, Speed Away to the Isles of the Sea
  252. Speed the Day, Happy Day, When Our Land Shall Be Free
  253. Stand Up for Christ, My Brother
  254. Storm Is Raging Upon the Deep, A
  255. Sweet Little Pansy, the Winter Is Near
  256. Swifter Than a Weaver’s Shuttle
  257. Tenderly, Lovingly, Calleth Today
  258. Tide of Jesus’ Mighty Love, The
  259. There Are Hills Beyond the Valley Where the River Glideth By
  260. There Are Times When a Word Just a Friendly Word
  261. There Are Times When We Grow Weary
  262. There Is a Narrow Way That Leads
  263. There Is a Song I Love to Sing
  264. There Is Gladness Up in Heaven
  265. There Is No Friend Like Jesus, So Loving, Kind and True
  266. There Is Only One Way of Salvation
  267. There’s a Beautiful Land O’er the Ocean of Time
  268. There’s a Better Day Approaching
  269. There’s a Mighty Warfare
  270. There’s a question We Must Settle
  271. There’s a River That Runs
  272. There’s a Song I Love to Sing When My Heart Is Sad
  273. There’s a Story Old of a Christ
  274. There’s Never a Day So Dreary That It Has No Hint of Sun
  275. They Brought Their Gifts to Jesus4
  276. They Tell of a Christ Who on Calvary
  277. They Tell Us of a Happy Land
  278. Though Faith to Move Mountains
  279. Though Sorrows Come About
  280. Though the Road Is Rough and the Hills Are Steep
  281. Through the Dark and Silent Forests
  282. Through the Green Pastures
  283. Through the Mists of Night Is Shining
  284. Throw Open Wide the Windows
  285. ’Tis a Sweet and Wonderful Story
  286. To and Fro Our Hands Are Swinging
  287. To Weary Hearts the Promises of God
  288. Traveling on in the Path That the Savior Trod
  289. Twilight’s Fairy Fingers, The
  290. ’Twill Not Be Long Before the Night Is Over
  291. Waiteth the Golden Harvest
  292. Watched By the Eye That Never Sleeps
  293. Way That Leads Us Heavenward, The
  294. We Are a Band of Workers for Jesus
  295. We Are Loyal Christian Soldiers
  296. We Are Sailing O’er an Ocean
  297. We Are Soldiers in an Army
  298. We Are Soldiers in the Army
  299. We Are Workers for the Master
  300. We Come with Blossom
  301. We Shall Not Weep in Heaven
  302. Weary Pilgrim, Go to Jesus
  303. Welcome, Happy Voices
  304. What Shall Be the Tribute
  305. What Word in All God’s Promises
  306. When a Wandering One Comes Back
  307. When I Am Bowed with Grief
  308. When I Am Worn and Weary
  309. When I Get Home to Father’s Land
  310. When I Read the Dear Old Story
  311. When I Was Wandering Far
  312. When Our Earthly Life Is Ended
  313. When Tempests Rise About
  314. When the Battle Trumpet Calls Forth
  315. When the Bridegroom Cometh
  316. When the Day Is Stormy
  317. When the Friends We Have Trusted
  318. When the Ills of Life Beset Me
  319. When the Path I Am Treading Is Rough and Steep
  320. When the Path of Life Has Led Me
  321. When the Way Is Rough and Steep
  322. When Trials Come As Come They Will
  323. When Up in Heaven the Angels Sing
  324. When We Get Over the River
  325. When We Grow Weary and the Way Looks Dark
  326. While Life’s Summer Days Go By
  327. Who Knows What Dangers
  328. Willie Brought His Little Bible
  329. Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus
  330. Work on Work on No Time for Resting
  331. World Is Stirred By the Pomp of War, The
  332. Would You Be Saved, Then Why Not Come
  333. Would You Like a Home in Heaven
  334. You Think I Am Poor