December 26, 1848, Middletown, Maryland.

April 7, 1944, Funkstown, Maryland.

Funkstown Cemetery, Hagerstown, Maryland.


Son of Daniel and Catherine E. Remsberg, Wilson began helping in his father’s woolen factory at age eight. He was later fond of recalling how he worked from sunup to sundown on the water powered looms, by the light of lard burning lamps, weaving blankets, rag carpets and other articles. He received his elementary schooling during four winters at Middletown Academy. On January 11, 1870, he entered the preparatory school of Gettysburg College. He was admitted to the college in June that year, and graduated in 1874.

In 1877, Remsberg was ordained a minister of the Gospel by the Northern Illinois synod of the General Synod. In 1876, immediately before ordination, he supplied the Grafton, West Virginia, pastorate. After ordination, he served many charges, including 36 years in Funkstown and Bakersville, Maryland. He retired in December 1935.

Remsberg helped compile the first hymnal of the Lutheran General Synod, Augsburg Songs No. 1, and several Easter services. On June 6, 1938, at age 91, he was made doctor of divinity by Gettysburg College in recognition of his services to the church, especially through his musical compositions. His works include:

  1. Creve Coeur
  2. Dupont Circle
  3. Gunston
  4. Remsberg
  5. Thine Forever