January 20, 1879, Lyons, Kansas.

November 1, 1966, Inglewood, California.

Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood, California.

After ordination, Reitz pastored at the First Baptist Church, Berlin, Wisconsin (1918-21); the Rosehill Baptist Church, Los Angeles, California; and the Fairview Heights Baptist Church, Inglewood, California (1926-52). He wrote over 100 Gospel songs in his lifetime.

  1. By the Way of Redeeming Love
  2. Coming Again
  3. His Blood Availed for Me
  4. Oh, Wonderful Love!
  5. Praise Ye Jehovah
  6. Shepherd of Love, The
  7. Teach Me to Pray
  8. There’ll Be Light in the Valley
  9. ’Twas a Glad Day When Jesus Found Me
  10. Wonderful, Unfailing Friend
  1. His Mighty Hand

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