1496-Circa 1575
Adam Reusner

1496, Mündelsheim (now Mindelheim), Swabian Bavaria.

Circa 1575, probably in Mündelsheim.

Reissner first studied at Wittenberg, and around 1521 learned Hebrew and Greek under Johann Reuchlin. He then became private secretary to Georg von Freundsberg, and accompanied him during the Italian campaign (1526–27). After the capture of Rome in 1527, he returned to Germany, and spent some time in Strassburg, where he became a friend and adherent of Caspar Schwenkfeldt. He seems to have been living in Frankfurt am Main in 1563, but thereafter returned to Mündelsheim, where he was still living in 1572. He wrote over 40 hymns in his lifetime.

  1. In dich hab’ ich gehoffet, Herr