20th Century

This author began using the surname Reed sometime between 1908 and 1915, so presumably she married around that time. Her works include:

  1. Bright Light Shining Just Ahead, A
  2. Christian Multitude, The
  3. Consecration Hymn
  4. In God’s Own Time
  5. Just to Be Like Jesus Is My Prayer Today
  6. Keep Your Eyes on Jesus
  7. Love Him More and More
  8. Pour Down a Blessing
  9. Sing Along the Way
  10. Someone Is Thinking He Ought to Be Saved
  11. Someone Is Waiting
  12. Sweet, Enduring Peace
  13. Taste of Heaven Here, A
  14. We Need Thee Now
  15. We Praise Thee at All Times
  16. We’ll March Along and Sing
  17. You Have Heard Many Times