June 5, 1807, Leeds, Eng­land.

March 25, 1889, Clifton, Eng­land.

Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol, Eng­land.

A Leeds Layman.


A solicitor by profession, and member of the Con­gre­ga­tion­al denomination, Rawson lived for many years at Clifton, near Bristol, and also practiced law in Leeds. In 1853, he helped the Con­gre­ga­tion­al ministers of Leeds compile Psalms, Hymns, and Passages of Scripture for Christian Worship (commonly known as the Leeds Hymn-book). In 1858, he assisted Dr. Green and other Baptist ministers in preparing Psalms and Hymns for the Use of the Baptist Denomination. His works in­clude:

  1. And Will the Mighty God
  2. Beautiful, Desired, and Dear
  3. Blessed Are They Who Have Not Seen
  4. Blessed Is the Faithful Heart
  5. By Christ Redeemed, in Christ Restored
  6. Captain and Savior of the Host
  7. Christ to Heaven Is Gone Before
  8. Come to Our Poor Nature’s Night
  9. Father in High Heaven Dwelling
  10. Father of Love and Power
  11. Give Dust to Dust
  12. God Is Our Refuge, God Our Strength
  13. God the Father, Be Thou Near
  14. God the Lord Is King
  15. He Fell Asleep in Christ the Lord
  16. Immersed Beneath the Closing Wave
  17. In the Dark and Cloudy Day
  18. Jesus the Lord, Our Righteousness
  19. Lo, a Voice from Heaven Hath Said
  20. Lord, Let Me Pray, I Know Not How
  21. Lord, We Bless Thee, Who Hast Given
  22. My Father, It Is Good for Me
  23. O Pallid, Gentle, Grief Worn Face
  24. O Thou Good Shepherd
  25. Our Eyes We Lift Up to the Hills
  26. Out of the Depths, the Gulfs, the Night
  27. Praise Ye the Lord! Immortal Choir
  28. Reaper, Behold the Fields Are White
  29. Rise, Heart, Thy Lord Arose
  30. Soul, Thy Week of Toil Is Ended
  31. This, the Old World’s Day of Rest
  32. Thou Who Hast Known the Careworn Breast
  33. Thou Who Thyself Did Sanctify
  34. Upon the Holy Mountains High
  35. Voices of the Deep Blue Night
  36. Walking with Thee, My God
  37. We Limit Not the Truth of God
  38. With Gladness We Worship
  39. Ye Hosts of Heaven, Ye Mighty Ones

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