September 28, 1850, Ship­lake-on-Thames, Eng­land.

May 28, 1920, Al­lan Bank, Gras­mere, Cum­bria, England.

St. Kent­i­gern Churchyard, Great Cros­thwaite, Cum­bria, Eng­land.


Rawnsley was the son of R. D. B. Rawns­ley, sometime Pre­ben­da­ry of Lin­coln, Eng­land. He married twice, to Edith Fletch­er and El­ea­nor Fo­ster Simp­son.

He was educated at Bal­li­ol College, Ox­ford (BA 1875, MA 1883), ordained an Ang­li­can deacon in 1875, and priest in 1877.

He served as Curate of St. Barn­a­bas, Bri­stol (1875–77); Vicar of Low Wray, Lan­ca­shire (1878–83); and Vicar of Cros­thwaite, Cum­bria (1883). He also served as Rural Dean of Kes­wick (1883), Honorary Canon of Car­lisle (1891), and Proctor in Convocation (1905).

Rawn­sley was very active in conservation in the Lake Dis­trict, and encouraged young Be­a­trix Pot­ter with her drawings, which eventually became part of Pe­ter Rab­bit.

After serving 34 years at Cros­thwaite, Rawns­ley retired to Gras­mere in 1917. His works include:

  1. Father, Whose Will Is Life and Good
  2. Hark! I Hear the Trumpet Sounding
  3. Lord God, Our Praise We Give
  4. Lord Jesu, Who at Lazarus’ Tomb
  5. Lord, Who Gavest Streams and Fountains
  6. Now Trumpets Cease Your Sound
  7. Savior, Who Didst Healing Give