1858, Erath County, Texas.

1915, Lingleville, Texas.

East End Cemetery, Lingleville, Texas.

George was the son of William and Bristiana Lemley Ramsey, and husband of Clara Jane Whitacre.

  1. Are You Setting Type, My Brother?
  2. Bright the Shining, Heavenly Way
  3. Don’t You Hear the Gospel Bells of Heaven?
  4. Jesus Is the Savior, He’s Our Blessed King
  5. O How Blest Will Be That Meeting
  6. O I Love to Tell the Story
  7. O My Brother, Are You Building
  8. See the Savior in the Garden
  9. Sinner, Listen, Hear the Call
  10. Standing on the Promise of Our Blessed Lord
  11. There’s a Great Reunion That Is Coming
  12. There’s a Home of Many Mansions
  13. There’s a Home Prepared For All
  14. We Are on the Ship of Zion
  15. We Are Sailing on o’er a Rough and Stormy Sea
  16. Weary, Wayworn Sinner, on the Broad Highway
  17. We’re Marching to Those Mansions Bright
  18. When Jesus Was Slain, on Calvary’s Height
  19. When the Clouds Are Gone, and Morning Dawns
  20. When the Trumpet Sounds
  21. While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night
  1. As the Life of a Flower