May 17, 1788, Princes Street, Spitalfields, London, England.

August 18, 1863, Liverpool, England.

Necropolis, Liverpool, England.


Son of W. Raffles, a solicitor, Thomas became a clerk in Doctors’ Commons in 1803, but quit shortly afterward. Through the influence of William Collyer, to whose church at Peckham he belonged, Raffles entered Homerton College, Cambridge, in 1805. He began his ministry at Hammersmith, where he was ordained as a Congregational minister on June 22, 1809. In 1812, he moved to Liverpool, where he succeeded Rev. T. Spencer and served as pastor of the Great George Street Congregational Church for 49 years. For half a century, he was one of the most influential Congregational ministers, and helped found the Lancashire Independent College. He received an LLD degree from the University of Aberdeen in December 1820, and a DD degree from Union College, Connecticut, in July 1830. His works include:

  1. Blest Hour, When Mortal Man Retires
  2. Cause of All Causes, and the Source
  3. Come, Heavenly Peace of Mind
  4. Cup Which My Father Hath Given, The
  5. Eternal Father, Throned Above
  6. Father of Mercies, God of Love
  7. Go, Preach the Gospel to the Poor
  8. High in Yonder Realms of Light
  9. Lord, Like the Publican I Stand
  10. No Night Shall Be in Heaven
  11. O God of Families, We Own
  12. Rapid Flows the Stream of Time
  13. Savior, Let Thy Sanction Rest
  14. Sovereign Ruler, Lord of All
  15. Thou Art My Hiding Place, O Lord
  16. What Is Life? A Rapid Stream