Daniel Paul Rader

Though biographies often give his date of birth a year earlier, Rader’s daughter said he was born in 1878, in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

July 19, 1938, Hollywood, California.

Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, California.

Rader was one of the most powerful evangelistic preachers of the early 20th Century. He described himself as an ex-bellboy, ex-cowboy, ex-prospector, ex-football player, and ex-pugilist. He pastored Moody Church in Chicago, Illinois (1915-21), and followed founder Albert Simpson as president of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (1920-23). Rader founded the Chicago Gospel Tabernacle in 1922 and pastored it for 11 years. He wrote many Gospel song lyrics and a few tunes, and was instrumental in the founding of the Tabernacle Publishing Company.

Rader was also a pioneer of Christian broadcasting. In the early 1920’s, the beginning days of radio, station WBBM in Chicago, Illinois, closed every Sunday. Rader received permission to use the studios, and for several years, he ran a 14-hour Christian program every Sunday. Rader called his station-within-a-station WJBT (Where Jesus Blesses Thousands).

  1. Alive Again
  2. Far, Far on the Other Side
  3. Go!
  4. Harvest Time
  5. I’ve Found the Way
  6. Jesus Satisfies
  7. Only Believe
  8. Old Time Power
  9. Over There
  10. River of Thy Grace, The
  11. Sun Will Shine!, The
  12. Tell Out the Wonderful Story
  13. Victory, The