Born: 1624, Es­sex, Eng­land.

Died: 1665, Lon­don, Eng­land, dur­ing the plague.



John was the son of hym­nist Fran­cis Quarles.

He was edu­cat­ed un­der the care of Arch­bi­shop James Us­sher, and ma­tri­cu­lat­ed at Ex­e­ter Col­lege, Ox­ford, in Feb­ru­ary 1643, but does not seem to have tak­en a de­gree.

Quarles bore arms for the king in the gar­ri­son at Ox­ford, and was im­pri­soned and ban­ished, ap­par­ent­ly due to his ad­her­ence to the roy­al cause. While in ban­ish­ment in Flan­ders, he wrote the po­ems con­tained in his first pub­lished vol­ume, Fons La­chry­mar­um.

He was in Eng­land in 1648, but oc­casions be­yond the sea com­pelled him to leave the next year.

The date of Quarles’ ul­ti­mate re­turn to En­gland is un­known, but he lived in po­ver­ty at the end of his life, earn­ing a liv­ing by wri­ting.




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