1624, Essex, England.

1665, London, England, during the plague.


Son of hymnist Francis Quarles, John was educated under the care of Archbishop James Ussher, and matriculated at Exeter College, Oxford, in February 1643, but does not seem to have taken a degree.

Quarles bore arms for the king in the garrison at Oxford, and was imprisoned and banished, apparently due to his adherence to the royal cause. While in banishment in Flanders, he wrote the poems contained in his first published volume, Fons Lachrymarum. He was in England in 1648, but occasions beyond sea compelled him to leave the next year.

The date of Quarles’ ultimate return to England is unknown, but he lived in poverty at the end of his life, earning a living by writing. His works include:

  1. Accept, O God, My Holy Fires
  2. Be Gracious, Lord, unto My Grief
  3. Be Thou, My Trust, My God, and I
  4. Behold My Right, and Right My Wrong
  5. Direct My Steps, Lord, Be My Way
  6. Direct, O God, the Judge’s Breast
  7. Eternal God, Before Whose Eyes
  8. Eternal Maker, Grant That We
  9. For Zion’s Sake I Will Not Rest
  10. Fountain of Knowledge, Living Breath
  11. Fountain of Light and Living Breath
  12. Give Me the Heart, O God to Trust
  13. Glorious Creator, Once More Thine
  14. Good God, Thy Mercy and Thy Might
  15. Good God, Where Ere I Cast Mine Eyes
  16. Great God, My Strength, at Whose Command
  17. Great God of Gods, Great King of Kings
  18. Great God of Wonders, That Dost Ope
  19. Great God, the Work of Whose High Hands
  20. Great God, Thy Garden Is Defaced
  21. Great God to Whom All Praise Belongs
  22. Great God, Whom Fools Deny
  23. Great God, Whose Ever Wakeful Eye
  24. Great God, Whose Goodness Doth Repleat
  25. Great God Whose Kingdom Hath No End
  26. Great God Whose Promise Is to Hear
  27. Great God, Whose Scepter Rules the Earth
  28. Great King of Glory, Who Are Dressed
  29. Great King of Peace, Be Pleased to Send
  30. Great Lord of Wonders, Thou by Whom
  31. Great Monarch of the World, Disclose
  32. Great Prince of Peace, Whose Kingdom Brings
  33. Great Shepherd of My Soul, Thy Hand
  34. Great Son of the Eternal God
  35. Great Spring, from Whence All Mercy Flows
  36. Hearer of Prayers, Confound My Foes
  37. Hearer of Prayers, to Whom Should I
  38. Highest of Highest, That Dost Raise
  39. If It Be So, That We Must Fight
  40. In All Extremes, Lord, Thou Art Still
  41. Judge Not My Actions by Thy Laws
  42. Just God of Vengeance, Cast an Eye
  43. Just Judge of Earth, in Whom We Trust
  44. Kindle, O Lord, My Love With Zeal
  45. Let Every Wonder That I See
  46. Let My Confession Lanch My Sore
  47. Let Others Boast in Gold
  48. Let Shame Be Their Due Recompense
  49. Light Thou the Lamps, Great God
  50. Long Did I Toil
  51. Lord, Cast Thine Eyes upon Thy Foes
  52. Lord, Cleanse My Heart, and Guide My Tongue
  53. Lord, Crush My Lion Hearted Foes
  54. Lord, Curb My Tongue, and Make Me See
  55. Lord, Every Creature Writes a Story
  56. Lord, Give Me a Believing Heart
  57. Lord God, from Whom All Mercy Springs
  58. Lord God of Gods, Before Whose Throne
  59. Lord, Guide My Footsteps in Thy Truth
  60. Lord, Hear My Troubled Voice, and Bring
  61. Lord, Help Me When My Griefs Do Call
  62. Lord, Hide Me from My Bloody Foes
  63. Lord, How I Long to See Thy Face
  64. Lord, If Mine Eyes Should Look Too High
  65. Lord, If My Tongue and Busy Quill
  66. Lord, If Our Enemies Increase
  67. Lord, If Thou Take Away Thy Hand
  68. Lord, If Thy Flame Must Needs Be Felt
  69. Lord, If Thy Mercies Purge My Heart
  70. Lord, If Thy Pleasure Make Me Poor
  71. Lord, in Thy Wrath Correct Me Not
  72. Lord, Keep Me from My Self That Am
  73. Lord, Keep Me from Those Hearts and Tongues
  74. Lord, Keep Me Just and Judge My Right
  75. Lord, Leave Us Not Too Long a Space
  76. Lord, Let Mine Eyes Not Sleep
  77. Lord, Let Our Jesus, and Thy Christ
  78. Lord, Let the Evening of My Grief
  79. Lord, Let the Fire of My True Zeal
  80. Lord, Let the Morning of My Grief
  81. Lord, Let the Praises of Thy Power
  82. Lord, Let the Sunshine of Thy Face
  83. Lord, Let Thy Favor Still Inflame
  84. Lord, Let Thy Fury Cease to Burn
  85. Lord, Let Thy Judgments Fill All Those
  86. Lord, Let Thy Name Secure and Free
  87. Lord, Let Thy Sacred Fire Thaw
  88. Lord, Let Thy Wonders, and Thy Ways
  89. Lord, Make the Torments We Endure
  90. Lord, Our Fathers Found Redress
  91. Lord, Plant My Fear Before My Eyes
  92. Lord, Plant My Fears Within My Breast
  93. Lord, Plead My Cause, and Right My Wrong
  94. Lord, Purge My Heart, and Cleanse My Hand
  95. Lord, Purge My Soul, That I May Learn
  96. Lord, Right My Wrongs, and Plead My Right
  97. Lord, Rise in Power Within My Heart
  98. Lord, Save Me from My Foes
  99. Lord, Season My Unsavory Spirit
  100. Lord, Shouldst Thou Punish Every Sin
  101. Lord, Since There Must Be Always Foes
  102. Lord, Teach Me to Renown Thy Name
  103. Lord, Teach Me Wisely to Contemn
  104. Lord, Teach My Heart to Walk Upright
  105. Lord, Teach My Humble Eyes the Art
  106. Lord, Teach My Reins
  107. Lord, Teach Our Loyal Hearts to Build
  108. Lord, Teach Us Timely How to Pray
  109. Lord, Thou That Hoardst Thy Grace for Those
  110. Lord, Thou That Madst Me, and Dost Pry
  111. Lord, Thou That Underneath Thy Wing
  112. Lord, Thou Whose Equal Hand Allays
  113. Lord, Thou Whose Mercies Do Exceed
  114. Lord, Thou Whose Mercies Fail Not Those
  115. Lord, Though We Feel the Bitter Taste
  116. Lord, We Are Captives, and We Bow
  117. Lord, We Are Several Members Joined
  118. Lord, When My Grief Shall Find a Tongue
  119. My God, Full Tears Are All the Diet
  120. My God, Thy Mercies So Abound
  121. My God, Whose Fear Drives Fear Away
  122. My Jesus, Thou That Wert No Less
  123. O God, Be Thou My Living Rock
  124. O God, How Poor a Thing Is Man
  125. O God, Remit Thy Peoples’ Sin
  126. O God, the Malice of My Foes
  127. O God, the Mountains and the Seas
  128. O God, to Whom Thy Thoughts Direct
  129. O God, Whose Dreadful Voice Like Thunder
  130. O God, Whose Judgments Are Severe
  131. O King of Kings, Before Whose Throne
  132. O Lord My Judgment’s Dark, and Blind
  133. O Thou Who Sitt’st in Heaven and Seest
  134. O Lord Whose Mercies, and Whose Paths
  135. O Thou Whose Mercy Did Begin
  136. O Thou, Within Whose Tender Breast
  137. Shall Frost and Snow Give Praise to Thee
  138. Shall Mountain, Desert, Beast, and Tree
  139. Surpassing Lord, Whose Mercies Have Surpast
  140. Thou Gracious Hearer of Requests
  141. Thou Righteous Hearer of Requests
  142. Though Thousands Here, Ten Thousands There
  143. To That Sweet Lamb, Which Did Sustain
  144. What I Possess, Or What I Crave
  145. What Is There, Lord, What Is in Me?
  146. When Jesus Comes to Earth
  147. When Winter Fortunes Cloud the Brows
  148. Zion, the Glory of All the Earth