February 15, 1850, Preston County, West Virginia.

November 27, 1933, Morgantown, West Virginia.

Oak Grove Cemetery, Morgantown, West Virginia.


Daniel was the son of Jesse Martin Purinton and Nancy Alden Lyon, and husband of Florence Abbie Lyon.

He was educated at West Virginia University, Morgantown (WVU) (BA 1873, MA 1876), and the University of Nashville, Tennessee (doctorate). At WVU, he taught in the Preparatory Department (1873–78), logic (1878–80), mathematics (1880–84), metaphysics (1885–89), and vocal music (1873–89). Purinton supported the education of women, and in 1889 proposed that WVU admit women as degree candidates. His sister-in-law, Harriet Lyon, was the first woman to graduate from WVU.

Purinton became vice-president and acting president of WVU in 1881. In 1890, he left to become president of Denison College in Granville, Ohio. He returned to WVU in 1901, and served as both president and dean of the College of Arts and Sciences until July 31, 1911. He was also president of the West Virginia Baptist General Assembly and the Ohio Baptist Education Society.

Purinton’s works include:

  1. At the Palace Gate Confessing
  2. Beyond the Rolling Sea
  3. Beyond This Vale of Sense and Sin
  4. Bring in the Children, One and All
  5. Christmas Bells Are Chiming Merrily
  6. Come, O Come to Jesus
  7. Far Away From Home We Wander
  8. Glowing in the Sunlight
  9. God, Our Father, Bids Us Proclaim
  10. Haste Thee, Pilgrim, on Thy Journey
  11. Hear the Savior Gently Calling
  12. Held in the Arms of the Father’s Love
  13. Holy Spirit, Now Descend
  14. I Know in Whom I Have Believed
  15. If Graven on Thy Palm, Dear Lord
  16. If the Savior Journey with Me
  17. In the Name of Jesus Marching On
  18. Is It Nothing to Thee?
  19. Jesus Loves the Children
  20. Keep the Love Light Ever Shining
  21. Life, Love and Labor
  22. Lord, I Am Longing to Be
  23. My Savior Bids Me Bravely Fight
  24. O Mother Dear, Jerusalem
  25. O the Friend That You Need Is Jesus
  26. O’er the Rolling Waves of the Ocean
  27. O the Rushing Tide of the Rolling Years
  28. On a Still, Clear Night
  29. On to the Conflict, Battle for the Right
  30. On to the Victory, Brave Hearted
  31. Say, Shall We Meet?
  32. Shall We Meet One Another?
  33. Take, Blessed Jesus, My Hand in Thine
  34. There’s One Little Word
  35. Though the Wind and the Gale
  36. We Are a Little Pilgrim Band
  37. We Are Soldiers of the Lord
  38. Weeping Will Not Save Me
  39. Welcome the Tidings
  40. We’re a Little Pilgrim Band
  41. When Dreary My Way
  42. When I Am Weary
  43. When Jesus Lives Within
  44. When Jesus Proclaimed His Evangel to Earth
  45. When the Day Is Ended and the Night Has Come