May 29, 1824, Doncaster, Yorkshire, England.

April 14, 1881, Lambeth, London, England.

Punshon lost his parents while a boy. Through connections in his mother’s family, he was introduced to the business world in Yorkshire, Hull, and elsewhere. He marked November 29, 1838, as the day of his spiritual birth. In 1842, he began to become known as a preacher, though still engaged in business. In 1844, he entered the Methodist Theological Institute in Richmond, but stayed there only a few months. He preferred evangelism to preaching, and became quite popular. In 1854, he made his advent as a lecturer with his Prophet of Horeb. He was five times president of the Canadian Methodist Conference (1868–72), and once of the English Conference (1875). He received his LLD degree from Victoria University, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada, in 1873. His works include:

  1. Listen! the Master Beseecheth
  2. Sweet Is the Sunlight after Rain
  3. We Woke Today with Anthems Sweet