348, Spain (either at Zaragoza, Tarragona, or Calahorra).

Probably around 413.

Prudentius (whose name is sometimes shown with a prefix of Marcus), was evidently born into the upper class. After working as a lawyer, he served a judge. At age 57, he retired and began to write sacred poetry. His works include:

  1. Ades Pater Supreme
  2. Ales diei nuntius
  3. Beata martyr, prospera
    • Blest Martyr, Let Thy Triumph Day
  4. Corde natus ex parentis
  5. Cultor Dei memento
  6. Deus ignee fons animarum
    • Ah! Hugh Now Your Mournful Complainings
    • Be Silent, O Sad Lamentation
    • Cease, Ye Tearful Mourners
    • Each Sorrowful Mourner Be Silent
    • Father of Spirits, Whose Divine Control
    • Hush, Mother, Too Loud Is Thy Weeping
    • No More, Ah, No More Sad Complaining
    • Now Your Sorrowful Plaints Should be Hushed
    • Why Weep Ye, Living Brotherhood
  7. Lux ecce surgit aurea
  8. Nox et tenebrae et nubila
  9. O sola magnarum urbium
  10. Salvete flores martyrum

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