Late 19th Century

Prentice’s earlier works list her as Neva E. Parkhill (evidently her maiden name). We speculate she is Neva Emma Parkhill Prentice (1861–1943), who is buried in Wunder’s Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois.

  1. Bending Downward from Thy Home
  2. Blessed Redeemer, Lowly We’re Kneeling
  3. Care Shall No Longer Rest over the Spirit
  4. Cheerful Voices Lift in Song
  5. Father, Take My Hand
  6. Glory to God
  7. God Will Aid His Chosen People
  8. Golden Shore, The
  9. Half Has Never Been Told, The
  10. Home on the Evergreen Shore
  11. Jesus Is Tiding Us Over
  12. Joy Bells of Heaven Are Ringing, The
  13. Just Above the Star Lit Way
  14. Just Before the Morn Is Breaking
  15. Lord, We Would Draw Near to Thee
  16. Only a Word from the Savior
  17. Our Soldier Heroes Sleeping
  18. Pilgrim’s Song, The
  19. O Bring Ye the Lilies for His Crowning
  20. O to Have All Sins Forgiven
  21. Over That Jasper Sea
  22. Sing, O Children
  23. There Awaits a Crown
  24. There’s a Rock in the Midst of the Desert
  25. Voice from the Billow Is Calling, A
  26. When Our Days of Earthly Life Are O’er
  27. When Our Eager, Longing Spirits