Born: Jan­u­a­ry 1868, Syr­a­cuse, New York.

Died: Ju­ly 5, 1931, Syr­a­cuse, New York.

Buried: Old Mar­cel­lus Vil­lage Ce­me­te­ry, Mar­cel­lus, New York.

Post’s works in­clude:

  1. Blessed Sav­ior, Hear My Pray­er
  2. Christmas Time Has Come Again
  3. Praise We God the Fa­ther
  4. There Is a Voice That’s Soft and Low
  5. We’re March­ing Forth to Con­quer Sin
  1. Christmas Day
  2. Coming to the Gar­den
  3. Coronation Day
  4. Do You Won­der Why We’re Glad?
  5. Honor Oak
  6. Liskeard
  7. Long Ago
  8. Long Ago a Shin­ing Throng
  9. Long Ago in Beth­le­hem
  10. O Day of Days
  11. Our Glo­ri­ous Re­deem­er
  12. Shines Our Morn­ing Star
  13. Sweet Is the Mes­sage
  14. This Same Je­sus
  15. Whispering Winds Soft­ly Sigh­ing