January 1868, Syracuse, New York.

July 5, 1931, Syracuse, New York.

Old Marcellus Village Cemetery, Marcellus, New York.

Post’s works include:

  1. Blessed Savior, Hear My Prayer
  2. Christmas Time Has Come Again
  3. Praise We God the Father
  4. There Is a Voice That’s Soft and Low
  5. We’re Marching Forth to Conquer Sin
  1. Christmas Day
  2. Coming to the Garden
  3. Coronation Day
  4. Do You Wonder Why We’re Glad?
  5. Honor Oak
  6. Liskeard
  7. Long Ago
  8. Long Ago a Shining Throng
  9. Long Ago in Bethlehem
  10. O Day of Days
  11. Our Glorious Redeemer
  12. Shines Our Morning Star
  13. Sweet Is the Message
  14. This Same Jesus
  15. Whispering Winds Softly Sighing