February 8, 1919, Jenison, Michigan.

May 24, 1990, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Rosedale Memorial Park, Tallmadge, Michigan.

Marie was the daughter of Jacob G. Tuinstra and Jennie Sietsema Tuinstra, and wife of Rense Jack Post. Educated at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, she taught at the Muskegon Christian Junior High School (1940–42). She contributed poetry to the Grand Rapids Press and church periodicals for three decades, and served on the 1987 Revision Committee for the Christian Reformed Church’s Psalter Hymnal, which contained a number of her original texts and paraphrases. Her works include:

  1. Almighty Father, Covenant God
  2. As Moses Raised the Serpent Up
  3. Be Merciful to Me, O God
  4. Blessed Assurance: Jesus Is Mine
  5. Come, Everyone, and Join with Us
  6. Defend Me, Lord, from Those Who Charge Me
  7. Earth and the Riches with Which Is It Stored, The
  8. Eternal God Beyond All Time
  9. Foolish in Their Hearts Deny, The
  10. Foolish in Their Hearts Exclaim, The
  11. For God So Loved the World He Made
  12. For the Glories of God’s Grace
  13. God Reigns: Let Earth Rejoice!
  14. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord
  15. Hear, O Lord, My Urgent Prayer
  16. Help, Lord, for Those Who Love Your Truth Have Vanished
  17. How Long Will You Forget Me, Lord?
  18. How Would the Lord Be Worshiped?
  19. I Praise the King with All My Verses
  20. I Seek My Refuge in You, Lord
  21. I Will Sing of the Mercies of the Lord Forever
  22. In Our Households, Heavenly Father
  23. Jehovah from His Throne on High
  24. King Rejoices in Your Strength, The
  25. Let Us with a Gladsome Mind
  26. Lord God from His Throne on High, The
  27. Lord God Is My Light and My Salvation, The
  28. Lord, Hear My Prayer and Let My Cry
  29. Lord, I Bring My Songs to You
  30. Lord, I Need to Come and Worship
  31. Lord, Speak for Me, for I Am Yours
  32. Lord, Today Bless This New Marriage
  33. Lord, You Have Lavished on Your Land
  34. Lord, You Have Searched Me and You Know
  35. Mighty God and Sovereign Lord, The
  36. O God, Why Have You Cast Us All Away?
  37. O God, You Have Rejected Us
  38. O Lord, Beneath Thy Guiding Hand
  39. O Lord, Come Quickly
  40. O Lord My God, from You Alone Comes Aid
  41. O Lord My Rock, in Desperation
  42. O My People, Turn to Me
  43. O Praise the Lord, for He Is Good
  44. Our Father, Clothed with Majesty
  45. Our Voice Would Be a Useless Cry
  46. Our World Belongs to God
  47. People, Gather Round! Shout!
  48. Praise and Thanksgiving Let Everyone Bring
  49. Rejoice! Sing Praise to Your Creator
  50. Save Me, O God; I Sink in Floods
  51. Sing a Psalm of Joy
  52. Sing Praise to Our Creator
  53. Those Hating Zion Have Afflicted Me
  54. We Have Told the Blessed Tidings

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