April 14, 1875, Easton, Maryland.

December 24, 1949, Lewes, Delaware.

Spring Hill Cemetery, Easton, Maryland.


Poole’s ancestors for several generations were Maryland Quakers, but his parents after marriage joined the Methodist denomination. Of the three children born to them, two were Methodist ministers, and the third a Methodist class leader.

Poole attended Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland. He was ordained a Methodist minister in 1900, and pastored in the Wilmington Conference for 35 years. He served at the McCabe Memorial, Richardson Park, and other churches. In 1913, he was Superintendent of the Anti-Saloon League of Delaware.

Concerning his hymn writing, Poole said:

My first appearance in print outside of local papers was in 1907. Since my twelfth year I had been writing verses in old composition books which I carefully concealed. Many of these verses were hymns. It was in 1907 that I ventured to send a manuscript to a prominent publisher and asked if it was worth keeping. They immediately referred me to Charles H. Gabriel, and he asked for more. Among the first lot was Just When I Need Him Most, which immediately became popular.

Since then I have written about five hundred hymns and three hundred other verse manuscripts, besides many special articles, in spare moments of a busy life. They are written on trains, in meetings, and anywhere the mood seizes me…I have been working under high pressure most of the time since I was fifteen years old. While hymn writing does not pay me as compared with other work I will stop a high priced article any time to write a hymn which will help others on the way. If I cannot sing to make others listen, I will write such that they will read.

My real work is that of a minister and pastor. The writing is done as recreation and diversion from responsibilities which might otherwise depress me. The same idea which sends me to my pulpit, sends me to my pen or typewriter—To Help Somebody.

  1. All the Way
  2. At the Roll Call
  3. Better Days Are Coming
  4. Call of the Christ, The
  5. Christ Shall Be King
  6. Count Me
  7. Church by the Side of the Road, The
  8. Did You Pray Till the Answer Came?
  9. Do It for Jesus Today
  10. He Promised to Keep Me
  11. I Shall See the King
  12. In the Good Old Way
  13. Have You Prayed It Through?
  14. In the Garden with Jesus
  15. Just When I Need Him Most
  16. Keep the Cross Always in Sight
  17. My Father’s Way
  18. Someone Must Tell the Glad Story
  19. Sunrise
  20. Where the Fight Is Hardest
  21. Won’t Somebody Tell Them?
  22. What Is Your Life
  1. Jesus Is God!

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