March 1, 1853, New Cas­tle, Penn­syl­van­ia.

Jan­u­a­ry 4, 1928, Mer­ri­am, Kan­sas.

High­land Park Ce­me­te­ry, Kan­sas Ci­ty, Kan­sas

Charles was the son of Da­vid Smith Pol­lock and Sar­ah J. Kuhn, and hus­band of Mar­tha Jane Mat­tie Pol­lock (mar­ried 1886).

He lived in Jef­fer­son Ci­ty, Mis­sou­ri, for four de­cades. At once time he was an as­sist­ant road mas­ter for the Mis­sou­ri Pa­ci­fic Rail­road. His works in­clude:

  1. Above the Bright Blue
  2. Above All the Roar of the Ci­ties
  3. Are You Wea­ry of Your Sin?
  4. As I Tra­vel Life’s Dark Road
  5. At the Feet of Je­sus, Pe­ni­tent I Kneel
  6. At Your Heart’s Door Christ Is Knock­ing
  7. Banished Ev­ery Thought of Sad­ness
  8. Beautiful Home on High Up in the Bright Blue Sky
  9. Beautiful Hands at the Gate­way To­night
  10. Beyond the Nar­row Stream
  11. Beyond This Sad and Sin­ful Life
  12. Bible Is the Chris­tian’s Guide, The
  13. Children, Child­ren, Praise the Lord
  14. Children, Give Your Hearts to Je­sus
  15. Closer, Dear Lord, to Thee, Closer to Thee
  16. Come, Ye Wan­der­ers, Now For­sa­ken
  17. Coming Back from the Paths of Sin and Fol­ly
  18. Cross the Line To­day, Sin­ner
  19. Farewell, Sweet Child, Fare­well
  20. From My Lov­ing Heav­en­ly Fa­ther
  21. Give Your Hearts to Je­sus, Child­ren
  22. Gladly Sing, Glad­ly Sing Praises
  23. God So Loved the World of Poor Sin­ners Lost
  24. God’s Own Lit­tle Flock, and Shel­tered So Close
  25. Happy Lit­tle Birdie, Sing­ing
  26. Hear the Call of the Mas­ter
  27. How Sweet to Trust in Je­sus
  28. How Sweet Will Be the Wel­come Home
  29. I Am Com­ing, Bless­ed Sav­ior
  30. I Am Com­ing Lord, I Have Heard Thy Voice
  31. I Am Go­ing Home to the Bet­ter Land
  32. I Am Sail­ing o’er Life’s Ocean
  33. I Am So Hap­py All Day Long
  34. I Am Wea­ry, and Am Long­ing
  35. I Am Wea­ry as I Jour­ney
  36. I Had Wan­dered Afar from the Shep­herd
  37. I Love the Sweet Sto­ry of Je­sus
  38. I Love to Go to the Sun­day School
  39. I Love to Tell Others of Je­sus
  40. I Wake This Morn, and Feel That Life
  41. I Want to Know More About Je­sus
  42. If I La­bor to Save Poor Lost Souls
  43. I’ll Tell the Sweet Sto­ry of Je­sus
  44. I’m Filled with Won­drous Joy To­day
  45. I’m Go­ing Along, Re­sist­ing the Wrong
  46. I’m Trust­ing in the Prom­is­es of Christ My Lord
  47. In from the High­ways and By­ways of Sin
  48. In the Glor­i­ous Cause of the Mas­ter
  49. In the Mas­ter’s Vine­yard Go and Work To­day
  50. I’ve a Fa­ther Dear
  51. I’ve Found a Friend, a Pre­cious Friend
  52. Jesus Loves the Child­ren Dear
  53. Jesus, Pre­cious Sav­ior
  54. Jesus Stands Knocking
  55. Jesus, Tender Sav­ior
  56. Jesus, with Tender Com­pas­sion and Love
  57. Judgment Day Is Com­ing, The
  58. Let the Tid­ings Roll
  59. Let Us Work Ahead
  60. List to the Still, Small Voice
  61. Little Child­ren Can Do Some­thing
  62. Little Child­ren, Come toJe­sus
  63. Little Child­ren, Praise the Lord
  64. Look to Je­sus, Wea­ry One Full of An­guish
  65. Lord, Send Thy Spir­it Down
  66. My Best Friend Is Je­sus
  67. Now Has Come the Hour of Part­ing
  68. O Let Not the World
  69. O What Shall It Pro­fit, My Bro­ther?
  70. Oft When I Gaze at the Stars in the Night
  71. Oh, the Blood!
  72. Only a Word
  73. Our Bless­ed Lord to Hea­ven Is Gone
  74. Out in the Moun­tains, Far Away
  75. Out on Life’s Ocean Ma­ny Souls
  76. Poor Lost Sin­ner Once Was I, A
  77. Praise Him, An­gels in the Height
  78. Precious Sav­ior, Lead and Guide Me
  79. Savior Calls, List to His Voice, The
  80. Soldiers of the Cross, Firm­ly Take a Stand
  81. Standing at the Line, Sin­ner
  82. Thank the Great Cre­at­or
  83. There Comes a Time, a Hap­py Time
  84. There Is a Land, a Sun­ny Clime
  85. There Will Be Man­sions in Hea­ven
  86. There Will Be Weep­ing and Wail­ing
  87. There’ll Come a Time, a Hap­py Time
  88. There’s a Beau­ti­ful Far Away Coun­try
  89. There’s a Beau­ti­ful Land of Sun­shine
  90. There’s a Dark and a Cloudy Side of Life
  91. There’s a Place of Sweet Rest Called Hea­ven
  92. There’s No Place to Me Like Sun­day School
  93. There’s Peace With­in My Soul To­day
  94. Up in Hea­ven We Shall
  95. We Are Lit­tle Sow­ers, Sow­ing for the Lord
  96. We Are Sail­ing o’er Life’s Sea
  97. We Are Tra­vel­ing On
  98. We Shall Meet up­on the Shore
  99. We’ve a Lit­tle Chris­tian Band
  100. When a Soul Re­turns
  101. When I Think of the Ev­er­y­day Bless­ings
  102. When Je­sus Shall Come Again
  103. When My Life Work Is End­ed
  104. When the Veil Is Lift­ed
  105. While Walk­ing By the Mos­sy Bank
  106. Wonderful Foun­tain Was Opened for Sin, A
  107. Ye Chris­tians, Look Up­on
  108. You Long Have Been Liv­ing Away from Your God
  1. Beautiful Beth­le­hem Bells
  2. Clignancourt
  3. Earl’s Court
  4. Étretat
  5. Juárez
  6. Kendal Green
  7. Living for Christ
  8. Morrow’s Hill
  9. Open the Wells
  10. Rest If You Will
  11. Safe in the Shep­herd’s Care
  12. Salonica
  13. Shoemaker
  14. Story of Grace, The
  15. University Ci­ty
  16. Willibrord
  17. Zaccheus

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